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Things to Do in Five Points

A Story By
Winterland 2020

All we can say is if you have not been to Five Points in Riverside yet, then you need to head to BREW right now for a cup of coffee and read over this blog. We’re here to tell you all about this bohemian neighborhood that keeps thriving.

And what better way to tell you about this upscale, hipster “Five Points” neighborhood than by telling you in 5 fabulous points? That’s right, we’re telling you 5 things to do in Five Points!

"Five Points" in 5 Points

Photo 1: Biggies Pizza | Photo 2: Pizza Cave | Photo 3: Corner Taco | Photo 4: Hawkers | Photo 5: Crane Ramen | Photo 6: Hoptinger | Photo 7: Bread & Board

1. Finger-lickin' Food

This is for all of our Jax “foodies” out there! We all love a place that has mouth-watering food and Park Street is your hot spot for deliciousness. 

  • Biggies Pizza is new to the neighborhood and our appetite is BIG for this place. The graffiti on the walls makes you feel like you are walking on the streets of New York.
  • Pizza Cave is another Park Street Pizza joint joining the 5 Points scene. The opening of this unique cave styled restaurant is January 23rd, 2020. If you’re a 5 Points Sun-Ray Cinema regular, you will recognize the yummy pizza and vegan dishes. 
  • Corner Taco is our favorite corner in Jax. And will soon be yours if you love “semi swanky street food.” Who doesn’t love a good taco?
  • Hawkers Asian Street Fare is so good that it should be called Asian Street FIRE. The owners wanted to “redefine eating Asian in the states” and we’re grateful. 
  • Crane Ramen has totally changed the “eating ramen” game for the good. All of their food is made scratch and we have never tasted anything like it! 
  • Hoptinger Beir Garden & Sausage House is 3 floors of flavor! Their restaurant is on the first floor and they offer “a unique menu of creative sausage dogs and other loosely Bavarian-inspired gastro pub food.” They also offer food items at their rooftop bar! We’ll be hoppin’ to Hoptinger every night of the week. 
  • Bread & Board is a super hip, local favorite! They serve sandwiches and sandwich boards made with baked-in-house bread, and much more. Make sure to go to our Instagram page to check out our video of our experience at this delicious restaurant! 
Photo 1: Rain Dogs | Photo 2: Escape Bar | Photo 3: Alewife | Photo 4: Wall Street Mural | Photo 5: Birdies

2. Bumpin' Bars

The bar scene has grown so much in Jacksonville and this area is the place to be on any Friday or Saturday night (we will probably be there every other night of the week too…let’s be honest.)

  • Rain Dogs is a super chill karaoke bar and lounge showcasing craft beers, grub, live bands, local art, and amateur comedy. We have made the best memories here with friends!
  • Escape Bar is actually a cuisine restaurant as well. They have a full dinner menu, a full lunch menu, and our favorite…a full drinks menu! You’ve got to try their “the floor is guava” signature cocktail.
  • Alewife is a craft beer bottle shop and tasting room. Their goal is to find the perfect beer for you and trust us, you will find it at Alewife. 
  • The Wall Street is a classic deli and lounge and is Five Point’s oldest bar. How neat is that?! They have the friendliest bartenders and locals say they have the “best drinks on the strip”
  • Birdies is another chill neighborhood hangout with a patio and full bar. They also have live music and video games. You don’t have to wait til’ the weekend to go because this bar is bumpin’ every night of the week.

And don’t forget about Hoptinger! We mentioned them above as a restaurant but their second floor and rooftop are surely at the top of our list for one of the best bumpin’ bars.

Photo 1: 5 Points Vintage | Photo 2: Glass Bottle Society | Photo 3: in Midnight Sun with one of their tapestries

3. Unique Finds

One of the coolest things about Five Points is that you will find things there that you cannot find anywhere else. This is what makes this neighborhood so hip and one-of-a-kind!

  • 5 Points Vintage is an “eclectic mix of vintage, antiques, collectibles, and odds and ends.” You know it best as the store with the big teal storefront sign that says, “ANTIQUES, JUNK, AND MORE.” It is always so much fun visiting this store and all their little knick-knacks.
  • Glass Bottle Society is a cocktail supply store for the wonderful professionals out there supplying us drinks but also for the enthusiasts who love making drinks at home. They have glassware, home decor, and cocktail-themed accessories. Let’s go right now.
  • Midnight Sun is a perfect example of a unique find in Jacksonville. They work with locals to create one of a kind sterling and gemstone jewelry, clothing, textiles, carvings, furniture, and home decorations. They also have a large selection of crystals, candles, incense, smudging supplies, and much more! We are a big fan of all of their beautiful tapestries and wall hangings.
Photo 1: Sun-Ray Cinema 📷:@HelloGreedo | Photo 2: Rec Room | Photo 3: Sun-Ray Cinema

4. Entertainment

Extra! Extra! Read all about it! There’s a local movie theater in Five Points…yes you heard us right. And after the movie, we challenge you to a game of Galaga at the local arcade. Sounds like a perfect night to us. 

  • Sun-Ray Cinema was formerly known as Riverside Theater and opened in 1927 as the first theater in Florida to show talking pictures. It’s a two-screen movie theater that has around 4 movies to choose from at a time. Make sure you come to the movies with an appetite because their menu is delicious and they bring it to you in the theater! They have popcorn, sandwiches, hot dogs, pizza, shakes, salads, beer, wine, and so much more! We’ll have one of everything, please. 
  • Rec Room is a bar and arcade and gives you so many nostalgic vibes with all the vintage games. It’s a very relaxing and chill atmosphere to grab a drink and hangout. This is perfect for all you gamers out there because you can go hard at a game of Pac-Man and socialize at the same time. Go get your game on!
Photo 1: BREW Coffee | Photo 2: Motion Sweets | Photo 3: Wolfgang Clothing | Photo 4: Edge City Clothing | Photo 5: Jane Doe Clothing

5. Shops & Sweets

Shopping is sweet but so is shopping with sweets! Grab a sweet treat and hit up some of the wonderful shops Five Points has to offer.

  • BREW Coffee is here to supply you with a strong cup of joe and a smile when you walk through the doe’. They also serve brunch and have a bar! 
  •  Motion Sweets  has high-quality American and French pastries! Their macrons are the best in Jacksonville in our opinion.     
  • Wolfgang Clothing is your stop if you are looking for something new and original. You can find the hipster look here!
  • Edge City & Jane Doe are women’s clothing stores and we adore them both! Both places have their own unique style and edge.
  •  Boger’s Shoes is the oldest comfort shoe store in Jacksonville. They offer high quality, supportive, and comfortable shoes and inserts. They offer brands that we all know and love so make sure to go check them out. Your feet will thank you later.     

Now that you’ve heard 5 points on some of our favorite reasons why you should visit Five Points, we want you to tag us in the photos of your favorite spots in this upcoming neighborhood.

There is so much to do on Park Street so let us know if we missed anything so we can check it out! And make sure to follow us @stufftodoinJacksonville on Instagram and Facebook and check out our app to find more stuff to do in Jacksonville! 


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