Top 5 Shops in Murray Hill for Delicious Coffee and Kombucha

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There’s nothing like a fresh cup of coffee in the morning. But have you ever tried kombucha? Both of these delicious drinks are a great start to the day and can definitely be enjoyed in the morning, day, or night. Murray Hill is an old, but booming neighborhood of Jackonsville, Florida and they have a great selection of places to get fresh coffee and tasty kombucha! 

Try something new and take a look at this list of the top five shops in Murray Hill for coffee and kombucha! 

📷 Vagabond Coffee

Vagabond Coffee

Where do we begin? Vagabond Coffee is met with rave reviews and the customers always come back for me. We love their specialty drink, the Dirty Pop. You get a choice of Boylan Bottling soda, topped with espresso, and it’s served over ice. And of course, they sell cappucinos, lattes, and cold brews. If you’re not in the mood for coffee, they also offer hot or iced tea, and hot chocolate! 

With its chic look and friendly atmosphere, not only is this an awesome place to get great coffee, but to relax. Listen to music, study, or just come to catch a break!


Monday-Saturday | 6:30AM-8PM

Sunday 8AM-7PM

📍 934 Edgewood Avenue South, Jacksonville, Florida 32205

📷 The Flamingo

The Flamingo

If you haven’t tried The Flamingo’s coffee, you’re missing out! This spot has a calm, cool, and collected atmosphere. Try a refreshing cappuccino, or a cold brew. Their lattes are delicious and are perfect on a cold day (or any day for that matter). They also have beer and wine! Maybe you might want a Brooklyn Brown ale of Murphy’s Stout. You mind be in the mood for some Original Sin Cider! Pick between a smooth white wine, red wine, or rosé that goes perfect with any meal. 

Monday-Thursday | 7AM-10PM

Friday & Saturday | 7AM-12AM

📍 1176 Edgewood Ave S #1, Jacksonville, Florda 32205

📷 Wave Juice Bar & Cafe

Wave Juice Bar & Cafe

We’ll try not to overwhelm you because this spot is loaded with great drinks AND eats! Wave Juice Bar & Cafe is a cozy, but modern spot in Murray Hill. It’s a great place to relax and study, or just stop by for a great drink. Our favorite is the Blueberry frappe. They also have awesome flavors of iced coffee! Try the Raspberry Cacao Frappe with real coffee, organic raspberries, whipped, and chocolate syrup. And guess what? It’s gluten free! 

It doesn’t stop at drinks, of course. Their pulled chicken sandwich is amazing. If you stop by, you can also buy a smoothie bowl. We love our bowl with granola, fresh strawberries, kiwi, and blueberries. 

Monday-Saturday | 9AM-7PM

Sunday 10AM-5PM

📍 1106 Murray Drive, Jacksonville, Florida 32205

📷 Community Loaves

Community Loaves

Serving the strong community in Murray Hill, Community Loaves is one of the best places to visit for a great bite and coffee. We love their Nettle & Peppermint hot tea. You can also get Green Hot Tea or Peppermint Licorice Hot Tea. Their Drip Coffee is a perfect way to get your day going. Pair your drink with their vegetable quiche. It’s made with fresh sourdough bread and whipped bitter. Our food goto is the Smoked Salmon Sandwich with wild salmon, whipped cream cheese, fresh red onions and capers on their sourdough bread. 

We suggest taking a look at their menu. There are so many incredible finds on their menu. 

Monday | Closed

Tuesday-Friday | 7AM-2PM

Saturday & Sunday | 8AM-2PM

📍 1116 Edgewood Ave S., Jacksonville, Florida 32205

📷 Silver Cow

Silver Cow

Silver Cow is a staple in the Murray Hill community. It’s located in the heart of this historic town and features many different drinks. Silver Cow sells craft sodas, kombucha, cold brew Coffee, and more! It’s a very retro spot with Italian Cream sodas, and vintage vinyl and books available. Also, feel free to bring in your own snacks while you relax here. They have light packaged snacks for you to buy as well.  

If you have a furry friend, don’t worry. Silver Cow is pet friendly and they provide free WiFi to all of their customers!

Sunday-Thursday | 4PM-10PM

Friday & Saturday | 4PM-1AM

📍 929 Edgewood Ave S., Jacksonville, Florida 32205

Top 5 Coffee and Kombucha Shops in Murray Hill

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