Selling tickets just got easier

We’ve been listening and we’ve created a platform for selling tickets that provides local support, automatic payments, minimal fees, and promotion when you need it.

Selling Tickets Made Simple

Our goal is for you to sell tickets faster, make more money, and get paid quicker.

Local Support

The UNATION team is here to help. You will have a direct contact in your city that will guide you through set up, general questions, and support you every step of the way.


It's free to join and use UNATION. You can create free events or charge admission and our ticketing fees will never exceed $5.95.


Our popular social channels reach over 1 million people in all of our markets and can be leveraged in your city to ensure all the right people know about and attend your event.

Automatic Payments

Our payment processor, Stripe, allows you to receive payments in real-time as you sell tickets. You control how often you would like transfers to be made into your bank account.

Just How Easy Is It?


1 Minute

2. Create Event

3 Minutes

3. Add Tickets

2 Minutes

4. Tell Everyone

1 Minute

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