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We are here to help you build meaningful relationships with your customers because we believe that real life connections are more important now than ever.

And we do that by experiencing what you're most proud of!

Ways to work with UNATION

Deals + Experiences

Give someone a reason to come into your store by offering a unique deal or partnering up with neighboring businesses to create extraordinary experiences. Create Insta-worthy moments that position your business as a FOMO establishment in your city.

Events + Ticketing

Being the reason for bringing people together is the fastest way to become memorable. We've made it super-simple to create an event and more importantly, a meaningful bond with your customers.


Positioning your brand in the community has never been so easy! We love bragging about our favorite businesses to all the people who trust us.

Brand Integration

What does your brand stand for? We've made it crazy easy to integrate your brand into a community by pairing you with relatable content created by locals.

Client success stories


So grateful for UNATION and the Stuff to Do in Tampa Bay team! They are a pleasure to work with and I love how they are working so hard to showcase small, local businesses! I love everything they created for us and I can't wait to partner with them again!

Keel and Curley


We partnered with UNATION to promote Labelswap. They were efficient, communicative, and friendly. The contentthey created helped us connect with our target audience and grow our following significantly. Highly recommend!



I have worked with UNation in some areas helping to promote the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. They have always gone above and beyond what we were hoping to really pull together great content to share around our games, events, etc.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Frequently asked questions

  • First thing that we suggest is to create a UNATION account and a page for your business. This is FREE and super easy.
  • Next, we recommend that you create a deal or an event, which again is FREE and super easy.
  • For the deal, we recommend something that a new customer or existing customer should really experience about your business. Something that you know a customer would really love and that would show off your business in positive way. We have example deals that have proved popular on our website….or I can help you think of something that I know would resonate with our user.
  • We can also make your deal part of an overall neighborhood experience so we can partner your deal with a neighboring business which are really popular.
  • For the event, we recommend something small and intimate to start. Something again that shows off your business in a positive way. We also have event examples on our site or I can help with that too. The biggest thing to remember when hosting an event is to do something that you will enjoy…and that your customers will enjoy. Don’t just have an event. Create an experience that is memorable for a small group of people who will then become raving fans of your business.
  • Once you create your deal or event, we will then promote it to our users. We have a multitude of options when it comes to promotion and we can work with any budget. So, work with us & see the change.
  • Yes, you have the ability to build your own business/event page on UNATION that we drive traffic to, and within that page, you have the ability to include the link to your website within your UNATION page so that our audience has the opportunity to dive deeper into who you are.
  • Plain and simple, when you work with us we help you build relationships with consumers by giving our users a compelling reason to go and experience your business. Your new relationships = success for us and you.
  • First and foremost, we have a relationship with our users…and we know what they like to do…so they trust us. This is an important place to start because we don’t run ads, but instead offer opportunities that we believe they’d love. Next, we tell the story of your business to our users. If possible, our team will come in and experience the exact thing you would want a new customer to experience. We then share that experience with our users through our site, app, email, text, social…and when appropriate, City Partners. Once you partner with us our Stuff to Do social brand is one of the largest in town and has great engagement….And our Signature and Interest guides are extremely popular….our users love the  curated options for things to do in specific neighborhoods. So work with us & feel the change.
  • We are always happy to share our core audience. However, we can reach ANY audience with GEO and social. It depends on what your goals are within your campaign, and who you are trying to get in front of.
  • We reach millions of unique users across all of our platforms each month and tens of millions of impressions. Our focus is on providing relevant content to super specific audiences that want to see the content we provide. Traditional influencers or websites charge a fee or a CPM, we focus on reach and campaign goals, which may mean that a specific audience lives on a certain neighborhood page or guide, one social platform over another, etc. One thing we can tell you when you work with us is that our model, assuming it is to one of our curated audiences, provides more exposure than that of an influencer or website. We tell a story on a specific social platform and then add gas to the fire with audiences that trust us and live on our platform. The combination of that ensures a more effective and targeted spend. I would ask that you take a step, work with us and compare what we do to other channels so you can see the value first hand.
  • We request a minimum of a 3 weeks turn around time so that we can focus on building, strategizing and preparing for a successful campaign. We want you to build relationships with your customers IRL, just as much as you do!

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