Event promotion in San Antonio just got easier

Optimized cross-channel marketing that saves
time and money.

Marketing an event online can be challenging

At a minimum you’ll need a website, a Facebook presence, and a strong Instagram feed. You’ll also want awesome graphics, fun videos and a complete digital ad strategy. How are you supposed to do all of this while making sure your event goes off without a hitch? That’s where we come in.

Let our team do the work for you

Choose a budget and we go to work. Our customizable options give your event incredible exposure on all of the UNATION platforms, plus premium position on our popular @StufftoDo Facebook and Instagram pages. We’ll even run your ad campaign. Let us handle what we know best, so you can focus on what you know best – your event.


Create your event

You can create your event on UNATION in just a couple minutes. Want our help? Sure, no worries, we’ll do it for you.


Choose your package

Select a package that works for your budget. Or, connect with us to strategize. Custom packages range from $100 to $10,000 plus.


We go to work

This is the easiest part. Based on your package, your event will get maximum exposure on UNATION, Facebook, Instagram, and more.

Reach the right people

Our job is simple. Tell everyone who should know about your event.

Relevant Audiences

We find people who are the most likely to be interested in your event and get it in front of them.

Targeted Messaging

The right message matters. Targeting people who want to see your event isn't an ad, it's an opportunity.

Better Conversions

Marketing your event to a relevant audience, with the proper message, and the ideal offer, will equal more attendees.

Still, who we target matters

Client testimonials

We used UNATION to get the word out about our goat happy hour event and it was great working with them. Our event completely sold out and we had a waitlist for more wanting to come! We would definitely use UNATION again in the future!
Kelly Harris
Goat Yoga Tampa
I appreciate being able to see the insight and analytics for the event. It went incredibly well. We completely sold out and ended up having to turn people away. We plan to have this event again and bring it to other cities with young professionals as well. We plan to work with UNATION in the future as the impact was undeniable.
Danielle Riley
Champagne and Chicken Wings Soiree
Our 3 year anniversary event was made more successful by utilizing UNATION. The application allowed us to reach more individuals than we had hoped. I will continue to use for our ongoing events.
Jeff Ritter
Vom Fass
Working with the team at UNATION and Stuff to Do in Tampa Bay was an all-around pleasure. They were knowledgeable, the service is affordable, and it helped to create significant traction for Tampa City Nights, a UT Fundraiser. Work UNATION fees into your event budget, you won’t regret it!
James Zebrowski
The University of Tampa | Board of Counselors, Chair, Signature Events
UNATION has been the best investment in my company. I have loved working with their team to grow my brand and events. I'm always confident the marketing dollars I give UNATION are going to have the best ROI because they tailor them specifically toward my events. They hire experts in the space so I don't have to be one, and that means I get more time to focus on executing my events.
Natalie Nagengast
Markets for Makers

Case studies

Check out some of our clients’ past results.

Sun West Crab & Shrimp Festival

Promotion Campaign Level
$3,000 Pro Package

Pasco Blues &
Food Festival

Promotion Campaign Level
$1,500 Pro Package

Tampa Bay Margarita Festival

Promotion Campaign Level
$1,500 Elite Package

Summer of Rum

Promotion Campaign Level
$750 Elite Package

Uncorked: Fall Wine Tasting Party

Promotion Campaign Level
$500 Pro Package

Tampa Boat

Promotion Campaign Level
$500 Pro Package


It’s really quite simple. First, choose the promotional package that makes the most sense for your event. Once purchased, you will be redirected to a page where you can provide more details on your event. Once the promotional package is purchased and the details are filled out, our team will begin to increase engagement around your event by targeting the perfect audience. 

Yes, all promoted events must be entered in the UNATION app prior to starting your campaign. For information on how to create an event, check out our step by step guide here.

First, create a *free* UNATION account. You can do that by downloading the iOS or Android mobile app and joining, or you can join through the desktop app. Once you have joined and are signed into your account, select the “+” icon on the bottom of the mobile app or on the left hand menu of the desktop app. Be sure to include the following elements in your public event: 

  • Crisp theme
  • Strong title
  • Date and time
  • Categories
  • Physical address
  • Ticket info (if applicable)
  • Keywords
  • Hashtag
  • Photos
Once you tap the Create button, your event will be live in the UNATION app for people to discover. If you would like help with your event theme or details, please make a note when adding more details about your event after you’ve purchased your package.

After purchasing your package you’ll be sent to an information form that you will need to fill out. There, we’ll ask for the name of the event, date and time, event description, event demographic, UNATION event link, and other information pertinent to the success of the campaign. This information must be filled out in order for the campaign to go live.

A Staff Pick is an event that we believe our users should see front and center in the Discover feed on the mobile app and on the landing page at UNATION.com. If your event is Staff Picked, it will proudly display our UNATION icon – a stamp of approval only a handful events can boast. A Featured Event is the best of the best and displays first on all UNATION platforms, even before Staff Picks. We denote Featured Events with a star icon, because it truly can’t be missed!

An impression is when someone sees our promotional post for your event. Each time someone sees the post it’s counted as an impression. We leverage the UNATION platform as well as our social media channels to advertise and promote your event.

Yes! The UNATION app is free to use and you’re more than welcome to create your own public event for other users to find. Our handy ‘Staff Pick’ feature allows us to select the best events in the app to put front and center in the Discover feed in the mobile app and on the landing page at UNATION.com. Be sure to fill out your event as complete as possible, make it public, add a physical location, and add a crisp custom image to up its chances of being selected as a ‘Staff Pick’.

Click here if you have an iPhone, or here for Android.

The overall impressions and unique visitors associated with your package are based on an average of previous promotional campaigns. Although we often exceed those numbers, there are examples where it is difficult to approach that baseline. Factors could include things like: demographic, date, subject matter of event, etc. If, for any reason, we fall short of reaching the overall impressions and unique visitors associated with your purchase, you will receive a credit for the remaining amount that can be used on any future campaign.

All sales are final. No refunds will be issued for promotional packages. If for any reason, such as a limited size of the targeted demographic, we are unable to meet the expected impressions and clicks based on the package purchased, all unused impressions and clicks will be applied towards a future event.