How to Spend 24 Hours in Downtown Austin

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So you only have 24 hours in Austin?

Well get a pen and paper out because we’ve got all the activities you must fill your itinerary with. Whether you are doing a quick stop by throughout awesome city or just looking for a one night staycation, there’s a couple of must-dos you’ve got to get to. Here’s your guide to spending 24 hours in downtown Austin. Make it a good one!

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Breakfast Tacos at Veracruz All Natural

If you’re coming through to Austin, you better chow down on some breakfast tacos

Not that this is an initiation, but you really can’t do a trip to Austin without tacos. We happen to have some of the best tacos located around the city. But right in downtown, you’ll also find a location for local chain Veracruz, who makes some of our favorite breakfast creations! Find them at The Line hotel, where they have an entrance right outside, and even a pick up window.

24 Hours In Downtown Austin

Voodoo Donuts Down 6th Street

One word: donuts!

Yep, get these super fun and funky donuts while you browse down 6th street. We highly recommend trying these as they aren’t your average Joe donuts. We also happen to think that 6th Street is best when visited during the day. You can pop in to all the touristy shops and find some cool Austin knick knacks.

Celebrate Earth Day In Austin

Kayak/Paddle Lady Bird Lake

What is Austin known for in the summertime? Lakes, boats, and pretty much anything that will get you on the water. It’s literally a party out on Lady Bird Lake, when the sun shining especially.

If you can think it, you can probably do it. Although you’ll see people paddling, kayaking, or just sunbathing in their floats, you can find tons of activities to do on the lake. And because it surrounds downtown, you can literally just walk right up to it.

📍Downtown Austin 

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Lunch at Better Half Coffee & Cocktails

Locals will tell ya, you have to try the chicken biscuit at Better Half! The biscuit is fluffy and the chicky chick is just the right amount of fried, not to mention it actually has flavor!

Better Half is a great spot to post up at for a while. Whether it’s to meet up with some friends for a drink or some grub, or you just need to catch up for work, their patio is inviting. They also have free parking!

Austin In A Day

Congress Avenue/Capitol Building Sightseeing

If you’re a sightseer, then checking out the Capitol Building is for you!

Make your way down there browsing the business on Congress Avenue. You’ll get a real sense of being in Austin while doing that, as the skyline towers over you. Then take a (free) tour of our Capitol Building to learn some Texas history. You can even opt to have a picnic on the lawn!

Girls Night Out In Austin

P6 Rooftop for Bat Viewing

We have to all agree that P6 is one of our favorite rooftop bars in Austin! The views are jaw dropping.

Even though P6 is the most instagrammable place, one of our favorite activities here is watching the bats take flight. It’s a well-known tourist activity to watch the bats fly from underneath the Congress bridge, but we do love the view from the top. Plus, the sunsets here are so pretty!

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Bar Hopping on Rainey Street

Bar hopping on Rainey can be a whole day experience. What sets our little saree apart from the rest is that most of all the bars here are inside small, hipster homes. 

Whether it’s a drink or food you’re in search of or just making new friends, you’ll find it on Rainey Street. Some of our favorite dis also play the tunes here into the wee hours of the night so be prepared to get your groove into. You can even grab some lunch or dinner in their food truck park!

📍Rainey Street, Austin, TX

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Late Night Pizza at Via 313

You’re probably thinking, “Austin is known for pizza?” Well, not quite but we do have some dang good pizza spots we frequent.

Specifically, Via 313  and their Detroit-style pizzas shouldn’t be missed. The crust is yummy. The way they put the sauce on top of the cheese is yummy. And even their bar style pizza is yummy. Not to mention, this location is their food truck on Rainey, and you must eat from a food truck while you’re here!

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