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Best Snacks at Disney World You Have to Get

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Hey, Orlando! We’re back with another post about Disney, and we know that one of the best parts about Walt Disney World is the one-of-a-kind snacks!

Whether you’re more of a classic connoisseur of popcorn, pretzels, and Mickey Bars, or you like to spice things up with Mexican tacos and Dole whips, there’s something for everyone on this list. So keep scrolling to see the best snacks at Disney World you have to get!

There’s a reason why this is number one on this list and number one in our hearts. Inspired by the original magical Mickey Mouse, there‘s just something unique about biting into a chocolate shell encasing vanilla ice cream on a stick.

You can find Mickey Bars just about anywhere on Disney property where they sell frozen treats, and now you can even find Mickey Bars in your local Orlando grocery store!

Can’t decide between cheeseburgers and egg rolls? Well, now you don’t have to! The Adventureland Spring Roll Wagon at Magic Kingdom is serving up delicious combinations like pepperoni pizza spring rolls, Rueben spring rolls, cheeseburger spring rolls, buffalo chicken spring rolls, and more!

Look for the Egg Roll cart located at the colorful kiosk right at the entrance to Adventureland in Magic Kingdom.

Monday | 9am—9pm
Tuesday | 9am—9pm
Wednesday | 9am—9pm
Thursday | 9am—9pm
Friday | 9am—9pm
Saturday | 9am—9pm
Sunday | 9am—9pm

📍 Magic Kingdom | Lake Buena Vista, FL 32836

Another fan favorite is the iconic Mickey Ice Cream Sandwich. These treats are made with two soft chocolate chip cookies and cookies n’ cream ice cream in the middle, making it the perfect yummy treat! Any ice cream treat with a Mickey face smiling up at you is bound to be a memorable snack!

You can find Mickey Ice Cream Sandwiches just about anywhere on Disney property where they sell frozen treats.

4. Corn Dog Nuggets

Right on the corner of Main Street U.S.A. in Magic Kingdom, you’ll find Casey’s Corner, a true gem featuring American baseball favorites. Chili cheese hot dogs, plant-based hot dogs, and our personal favorite, corn dog nuggets.

This perfect snack comes with french fries and a delicious cheesy dipping sauce. Snag these nuggets next time you’re hungry when walking down Main Street.

Monday | 10:30am—9:30pm
Tuesday | 10:30am—9pm
Wednesday | 10:30am—9:30pm
Thursday | 10:30am—9:30pm
Friday | 10:30am—9pm
Saturday | 10:30am—9:30pm
Sunday | 10:30am—9pm

📍 Magic Kingdom | Lake Buena Vista, FL 32836

No need to travel to Mexico for authentic tacos—when you can get locally made, genuine tacos right here in Orlando at the Epcot Mexico Pavilion!

La Cantina de San Angel is a quick-service restaurant in Mexico that offers favorites like tacos de barbacoa, tacos de pescado, tacos de pollo, and even a taco trio with all three! Served on homemade corn tortillas with rice, beans, and queso fresco, all you need is a cool margarita to wash them down!

Monday | 11am—9pm
Tuesday | 11am—9pm
Wednesday | 11am—9pm
Thursday | 11am—9pm
Friday | 11am—10pm
Saturday | 11am—10pm
Sunday | 11am—10pm

📍 Epcot| 200 Epcot Center Dr, Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830

You don’t need to sit down at a full-service restaurant to enjoy a quality portion of Chicken Fried Rice. At Disney’s Animal Kingdom, you can find this perfect snack-sized container of this yummy bite at Yak & Yeti Local Foods Cafe—right next to the main restaurant located in Asia!

Although the fried rice is listed as a side, you can easily make it a meal by adding another side of pork egg rolls. Fuel yourself up to take on Mount Everest!

Monday | 9am—6pm
Tuesday | 9am—6pm
Wednesday | 9am—6pm
Thursday | 9am—6pm
Friday | 9am—6pm
Saturday | 9am—6pm
Sunday | 9am—6pm

📍 Disney’s Animal Kingdom | 2901 Osceola Pkwy, Bay Lake, FL 34747

“That’s just too much cheese,”—said NO ONE EVER. So to fulfill another cheese-fueled craving, head on over to Satu’li Canteen for their Cheeseburger Stuffed Pods.

You can only find these scrumptious bao buns at Disney’s Animal Kingdom inside Pandora – the World of Avatar.
The steamed cheeseburger pods are stuffed with ground beef, ketchup, mustard, pickle, and cheddar cheese and are served with a crunchy vegetable slaw and veggie chips.

Monday | 10am—7pm
Tuesday | 10am—7pm
Wednesday | 10am—7pm
Thursday | 10am—7pm
Friday | 10am—7pm
Saturday | 10am—7pm
Sunday | 10am—7pm

📍Disney’s Animal Kingdom | 2901 Osceola Pkwy, Bay Lake, FL 34747

For this delicious Disney snack, we’re heading over to Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Enter the park and head straight back towards Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway to discover the snack cart that sells the famous Sweet Cream Cheese Pretzel.

This doughy pretzel is first stuffed with sweet cream cheese icing, and then dusted with cinnamon breadcrumbs instead of salt. It’s not overly sweet and really hits the spot! As of now, you can only find this pretzel at Hollywood Studios.

Monday | 9am–9pm
Tuesday | 9am–9pm
Wednesday | 9am–9pm
Thursday | 9am–9pm
Friday | 9am–9pm
Saturday | 9am–8pm
Sunday | 9am–9pm

📍 Disney’s Hollywood Studios | 351 S Studio Dr, Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830

A beloved Disney snack of crispy fried dough with a cinnamon coating topped off with chocolate or vanilla dipping sauce, the churro is a much sought-out snack. Unfortunately, there are only a few places on the property to get your churro fix. But trust us on this: the search is definitely worth it!

You can find churros at Dino Diner, Nomad Lounge, and Harambe Fruit Market in Animal Kingdom, La Cantina de San Angel in Epcot, Cool Ship and Pecos Bill in Magic Kingdom, Anaheim Produce in Hollywood Studios, and Disney Springs and select Disney Resorts.

Walt Disney World’s popcorn is iconic. You can smell the buttery, salty goodness as soon as you walk into the parks. It’s the perfect snack to share with friends or have your fill (and more) with the refillable bucket!

You can find multiple popcorn carts in all four parks, as well as at Disney Springs and the water parks. Did you know Disney has some new unique flavors? Try the house-made caramel corn in Germany at Epcot, blueberry almond popcorn in Pandora at Animal Kingdom, or the galaxy green popcorn at Hollywood Studios.

If you haven’t experienced this much sought-after soft-serve delight blended with pineapple, vanilla or swirled flavors, head to Aloha Isle at Magic Kingdom to try it—right away! The famous Dole whip is one of our favorite snacks that you can find at just a few locations on Disney property.

Head to Adventureland to try the original or one of their famous pineapple floats with pineapple juice. You can also check out Sunshine Tree Terrace for orange flavors or head to the Polynesian or Animal Kingdom to get your spiked Dole whip fix!

Monday | 10am—9pm
Tuesday | 10am—8:30pm
Wednesday | 10am—9pm
Thursday | 10am—9pm
Friday | 10am–8:30pm
Saturday | 10am—9pm
Sunday | 10am—8:30pm

📍 Magic Kingdom | Lake Buena Vista, FL 32836

A snack so nice we featured it twice! That’s right, we’re back again with Dole whips, but this time we’re talking about seasonal Dole whips!

Every year, Disney comes out with a special dole whip to satisfy your craving. This season, you can get a Kakamora float with coconut soft serve on top of pineapple juice and blue curaçao syrup, garnished with a Kakamora cake pop. Enjoy it at Aloha Isle at Adventureland in Magic Kingdom.

Monday | 10am—9pm
Tuesday | 10am—8:30pm
Wednesday | 10am—9pm
Thursday | 10am—9pm
Friday | 10am–8:30pm
Saturday | 10am—9pm
Sunday | 10am—8:30pm

📍 Magic Kingdom | Lake Buena Vista, FL 32836

We’re concluding our list of the best snacks in Disney World with none other than the iconic Mickey Pretzel. Where else in the world can you get a soft pretzel dough sprinkled with flaky sea salt, formed in the shape of Mickey’s head? We can’t get enough!

You can enjoy the classic Mickey pretzel at many snack carts throughout Disney property and all four parks. Don’t forget to order the side of cheese dipping sauce, too!

Best Disney Snacks

Fuel your magical adventure with these best snacks at Disney World! Next time you’re at the parks enjoying a snack, be sure to follow and tag us @StuffToDoInOrlando!

Kimberly Gooch

Kimberly Gooch

Hi I'm Kim! I am a Florida native from Clearwater Florida, and now currently living in Orlando. I've been in Orlando for the last 6 years and love to explore everything the city has to offer. I travel a lot on the weekends visiting new cities, and in my spare time I enjoy hiking, biking, kayaking, and discovering new things to do.

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