Dishing Up Delectable Dessert Spots in Winter Park

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A stroll through the charming city of Winter Park, enjoying the sights, sunshine, and sceneryu2014itu2019s the perfect day. And how do you end the perfect day? Dessert, of course! Satisfy your craving for a little something sweet at one of these delectable dessert spots in Winter Park.

Choulala Dishing Up Delectable Dessert Spots In Winter Park 2022

Nestled in the heart of Winter Park, Choulala is the perfect place to pop in for pastries, puffs, and Patisserie treats! While every dessert on their menu dishes up a little something different, the signature Choux Cream Puffs are a Choulala must-try. A French pastry, Choux is the light and delicate outer coating protecting a sweet and fluffy pastry cream on the inside. Be sure to ask about their seasonal flavors, or try one of their crowd favorites like Cru00e8me Bru00fblu00e9e or Cookies & Cream!

Monday| CLOSED
Tuesday | CLOSED
Wednesday| 12PM-9PM
Thursday | 12PM-9PM
Friday | 11AM-10PM
Saturday | 11AM-10PM
Sunday | 11AM-9PM

Location: 340 N Park Avenue, Winter Park, FL 32789

Monday| 10AM-5PM
Tuesday | 10AM-5PM
Wednesday| 10AM-5PM
Thursday |10AM-5PM
Friday | 10AM-5PM
Saturday | 10AM-5PM
Sunday | Closed

Location: 1786 State Road 436, Winter Park, FL 32792

The Glass Knife, Donuts In Orlando

Not only is the dessert to-die-for at The Glass Knife bakery, but the atmosphere alone is enough to keep you and your crew coming back time and time again. Elegant, Instagram-worthy, and seriously scrumptious, every dessert is plated to perfection. Thereu2019s a taste for every tummy from the rich Chocolate Onyx Pastry to the fruity Strawberry Shortcake Jar. Itu2019s hard to pass up a u201cphone eats first momentu201d when visiting The Glass Knife, but trust us, youu2019ll be licking the plate clean as soon as it arrives!

Monday| 8AM-11PM
Tuesday |8AM-10PM
Wednesday| 8AM-10PM
Thursday | 8AM-10PM
Friday | 8AM-11PM
Saturday | 8AM-11PM
Sunday |8AM-10PM

Location:276 S Orlando Ave, Winter Park, FL 32789

Peterbrookechocolatier Dishing Up Delectable Dessert Spots In Winter Park 2022

Throw everything you thought you knew about assorted chocolates out the window. Peterbrooke Chocolatieru2019s gourmet chocolates and desserts put the boxed stuff to shame. Their chocolate covered apples, strawberries, and bananas come so many different delicious flavors, and donu2019t even get us started on their Chocolate Covered Cheesecake Bites: simply irresistible! If youu2019re looking for the perfect gift to the dessert-lovers in your life, look no further than Peterbrooke Chocolatier.

Monday| 10AM-10:15PM
Tuesday |10AM-10:15PM
Thursday | 10AM-10:15PM
Friday | 10AM-11:15PM
Saturday |10AM-11:15PM
Sunday |10AM-10:15PM

Location:300 South Park Avenue, Winter Park, FL 32789

Kellysicecream Dishing Up Delectable Dessert Spots In Winter Park 2022

How could we possibly dish up a guide to dessert spots in Winter Park without a scoop of homemade ice cream from Kellyu2019s?! Aside from the classic chocolate and vanilla, what makes Kellyu2019s extra tasty are their original flavor creations. Grab a cone of Chocolate Peanut Butter Brownie (Are you drooling yet?), cookie crazy Ore-Dough, or the colorful Cake Batter Nu2019 Sprinkles. Go ice cream crazy at Kellyu2019s!

Monday| 12PM-9PM
Tuesday |12PM-9PM
Thursday | 12PM-9PM
Friday | 12PM-10PM
Saturday |11PM-10PM
Sunday |11PM-9PM

Location:3114 Corrine Drive, Orlando, FL 32803

Kilwinsapples Dishing Up Delectable Dessert Spots In Winter Park 2022

Curing all the dessert cravings for on Park Avenue, Kilwins is a classic crowd favorite when itu2019s time for sweets! Whether youu2019re in the mood for a cool and creamy milkshake or youu2019re looking for a symphony of sweet and salty caramel corn, your taste buds will surely tingle at even the smells from the front door.

Monday| 12PM-9PM
Tuesday |12PM-9PM
Thursday | 12PM-10PM
Friday | 12PM-11PM
Saturday |11PM-11PM
Sunday |11PM-10PM

Location:122 N. Park Avenue, Winter Park, FL 32789

Lemacaron Dishing Up Delectable Dessert Spots In Winter Park 2022

A piece of Paris in Winter Park, Le Macaron keeps the French feeling alive and well on Park Avenue. Both cute and colorful, thereu2019s nothing like a full box of macarons to share from the classics like Belgium Chocolate to the unique Lavender White Chocolate treat. And if macarons arenu2019t exactly your cup of tea, their French Eclairs and Napoleon desserts surely satisfy a hungry tummy!

Monday| 11AM-9PM
Tuesday |11AM-9PM
Thursday |11AM-9PM
Friday | 10AM-10PM
Saturday |10AM-10PM11PM-11PM
Sunday |11AM-9PM

Location: 216 North Park Avenue, Suite I, Winter Park, FL 32789

Cure your chocolate cravings!

Winter Park offers a little something for just about every sweet tooth in the book! Which stop on our list has your taste buds tingling for more? Tell us your favorite dessert spots in Winter Park in the comments below, or drop us a comment on Instagram @stufftodoinorlando!