Best Donuts in Orlando to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

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Here in Orlando, we are (do)NUTS about donuts! Breakfast? Dessert? A midday pick-me-up? With all the different spots in the City Beautiful, we‘ve got choices on choices to (jelly) fill our day with these round, delicious bites of dough sprinkled with love!

Although we don‘t really think you’re ready for this jelly, you asked—so we just had to give you our favorite spots with the best donuts in Orlando!

We like these delectable bites a hole lot—and we hope you do, too! 

This Japanese-American hybrid pastry has made its way to Orlando. The pull-apart design, gluten-free ingredients, and just delicious combinations are what keep us coming back.

At Dochi, not only do they nail the most delicious classic flavors, they never fail when it comes to putting a twist on traditional flavors. Come in and try a bite of their Snowy Ube, Taro Cake Confetti, and Salted Caramel Cheers—you won‘t regret it!


Monday | 10AM—5PM
Tuesday | 10AM—5PM
Wednesday | 10AM—5PM
Thursday | 10AM—5PM
Friday | 10AM—5PM
Saturday | 10AM—6PM
Sunday | 10AM—6PM

📍  1222 E Colonial Dr. Orlando, FL 32803

East End Market:Thursday—Sunday | 11AM—3:30PM
Monday—Wednesday | CLOSED

📍 3201 Corrine Dr. Orlando, FL 32803

Self-proclaimed as the “Cold Stone” or “Chipotle” of donuts, these made-to-order minis are perfect if you’re looking to have exactly what you want—when you want it!

At Pattie Lou’s, just entering and seeing all the choices laid out in front of you makes you feel like a kid in a candy shop—and that’s exactly what the owners were going for. So feel free to scan their glazes, salt and sweet toppings, sauces, and keep coming back for more! (We know we will.)


Monday | 8AM—7PM
Tuesday | 8AM—47PM
Wednesday | 8AM—7PM
Thursday | 8AM—7PM
Friday | 8AM—7PM
Saturday | 8AM—7PM
Sunday | CLOSED

📍 139 E. Pine St. Orlando, FL 32801

You don‘t need to sacrifice flavor for health reasons. At Valkyrie Doughnuts, these hand-cut, scratchmade—and DELICIOUS donuts are also egg and dairy-free!

So, although they‘re missing some typical ingredients, these beautifully tasting, hot, fresh, and fluffy doughnuts are still packed to the absolute brim with flavor. Originally sprouting from the vegan-focused Valhalla Bakery, Valkyrie Doughnuts had to sprout out on its own—and we‘re so glad they did!

Monday | CLOSED
Tuesday | CLOSED
Wednesday | 7AM—2PM
Thursday | 7AM—2PM
Friday | 7AM—7PM
Saturday | 8AM—7PM
Sunday | 8AM—7PM

📍 12226 Corporate Blvd, Orlando, FL 32817

📷 Sir Benji's Donuts

Sir Benji's Donuts

At Sir Benji‘s Donuts, you get a burst of deliciousness packed into one bite! With multiple locations in Orlando, these jam-packed donuts are made-to-order with unique flavors, like guava key lime glaze, toasted coconut pineapple, and seasonal hits like apple cider and pumpkin spice latte glaze!

Watch as they get fried, flipped, and coated with yummy toppings. So, feel free to mix, match, and munch!

Monday | CLOSED
Tuesday | 11AM-6PM
Wednesday | 11AM-7PM
Thursday | 11AM—8PM
Friday | 11AM—9PM
Saturday | 11AM—9PM
Sunday | 11AM—6PM

Winter Garden:
📍 Plant Street Market
📍 Crooked Can

📍 Montrose Street Market

DG Doughnuts

Rolling out from the roots of home with four walls, this family-owned donuts bakery went from dishing out donuts from their own kitchen to a massive hit at the Lakefront Farmer‘s Market. From there—the DG Doughnuts exploded!

With insanely unique flavors like Banana Cream Pie, Rocky Road, Key Lime Pie, and Peanut Butter and Jelly, you just can‘t help but feel dang good at DG Doughnuts!

Monday | 7AM—4PM
Tuesday | 7AM—4PM
Wednesday | 7AM—4PM
Thursday | 7AM—4PM
Friday | 7AM—4PM
Saturday | 7AM—4PM
Sunday | 7AM—4PM

📍16131 W Colonial Dr., Oakland, FL 34787

If you‘re craving delicious tastes and an unmatched ambiance that will make you feel like you‘re in for a treat, The Glass Knife brings you an upscale feel, unique flavors, and baked execution to perfection. Do you need a brunch buzz that is elegant, simple but delivers in every way? Try their banana pudding brioche, coffee cake or Crème Brûlée! You can also have vegan-friendly flavors or a classic like glazed or cinnamon roll.

Enjoy the delightful staff stationed at the back of their pink and black storefront. These donuts are—almost—too pretty to eat!

Monday | 8AM—10PM
Tuesday | 8AM—10PM
Wednesday | 8AM—10PM
Thursday | 8AM—10PM
Friday | 8AM—11PM
Saturday | 8AM—11PM
Sunday | 8AM—10PM

📍 276 S Orlando Ave, Winter Park, FL 32789

If you‘re looking for something a bit different, do-NOT skip out on Voodoo Doughnuts, with eccentric, quirky doughnuts to match the outside decor.

With vegan options available, you can see a unique kind of magic as they turn the strangest flavors, like Tang, grape dust, bubblegum, and so many more—and turn it into something that keeps you coming back (and keeps the line out the door). We wouldn‘t be surprised if we found out there was a magic spell in the batter!

Monday | 8AM—12AM
Tuesday | 8AM—12AM
Wednesday | 8AM—12AM
Thursday | 8AM—12AM
Friday | 8AM—1AM
Saturday | 8AM—1AM
Sunday | 8AM—12AM

📍 Universal Orlando Resort

If you‘re looking to keep things fresh, this family-owned artisan donut shop has craft donuts that are not only baked daily but have tasty flavors and creations that change seasonally.

Featured on the video above, this scratch bakery also has one-of-a-kind, pick-me-up coffees that pair perfectly with their selection. So, if you consider yourself a bit of a donut and coffee aficionado, consider the Salty Donut on your next donut run!

Monday | 7AM—7PM
Tuesday | 7AM—7PM
Wednesday | 7AM—7PM
Thursday | 7AM—7PM
Friday | 7AM—10PM
Saturday | 7AM—10PM
Sunday | 7AM—7PM

📍 3025 Corrine Dr, Orlando, FL 32803

Want—no—need an over-the-top sugar bomb explosion? The gourmet creations at Everglazed also specialize in cold brew coffee to go with their delectable desserts.

Don‘t know what to pick? You can go with their classic Cinnamon Bun and Strawberry Mocha Coffee to kill that sweet tooth craving. You also can‘t lose with their 21+ spiked cold brews to turn a Wednesday afternoon donut run into something completely different!

Monday | 9AM—10PM
Tuesday | 9AM—10PM
Wednesday | 9AM—10PM
Thursday | 9AM—10PM
Friday | 9AM—11PM
Saturday | 9AM—11PM
Sunday | 9AM—10PM

📍 1504 E Buena Vista Dr, Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830

Best Donuts in Orlando

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Adriana Rodrigues Oswald

Adriana Rodrigues Oswald

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