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The 5+ Best Group Fitness Classes in Dallas

  • December 05, 2022
  • | 10:00 AM

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Ready to hit the gym? 🏋🏽

Exercise is a great hobby and way to improve your physical and mental health. Group fitness classes give you all of these benefits, plus a way to make friends and stay motivated at any stage of your health journey.

We love a good exercise class, and luckily, Dallas has plenty of options for every athletic interest. If you are looking for fantastic group fitness classes in Dallas, look no further! We are sharing some of our favorites below!

Reach new heights at Rise Nation 🧗🏾‍♀️

📷 Rise Nation – Dallas

Rise Nation offers innovative fitness classes in Dallas! This full-body, high-intensity, low-impact workout is like a spin class but vertical, using a unique machine to help you climb hundreds (even thousands) of vertical feet in a single class.

This choreographed climbing class will give you an incredible burn while promoting healthy spinal alignment, a balanced physique, and neuromuscular coordination. If other fitness classes leave you hurting (in a bad way) or just aren’t your vibe, Rise Nation could be the one for you!

Get strong at [solidcore] 💪🏿

📷 [solidcore]

If pilates-style classes are more your vibe, [solidcore] has some fantastic fitness classes in Dallas that will be perfect for you! Their workouts center around slow and controlled movements on a pilates-inspired reformer, scientifically designed to break down muscles so they build back stronger.

If you’ve never tried a pilates-style class, slow movements probably sound easy, but trust us, you will likely be very sore for days after — a testament to your hard work. Get in the zone with the lights down and the music up at one of their two locations in Highland Park or North Dallas!

Bulk up (or tone) at Barry's Bootcamp 🏃🏼

📷 Barry’s Bootcamp

Barry’s Bootcamp is known at “the original HIIT workout,” so you know you’ll get an incredible burn at their fitness classes in Dallas! Expect to burn up to 1,000 calories in one class with encouragement and motivation from their incredible instructors.

Choose from two workout models — their original HIT style with half running, half strength training or their original double floor built for those who don’t want to run. Get that post-workout euphoria at their studio located right on McKinney Avenue!

Prepare for the slopes at PowderHeart ⛷

📷 PowderHeart

Another unique fitness concept, PowderHeart’s classes center around training similar to that needed to hit the slopes. If you are an avid skier or want to benefit from the physical and mental benefits of the sport, these group fitness classes in Dallas are for you!

Low-impact and safe, instructors coach you through curated circuits to strengthen and tone your full body. Nervous about joining your first fitness class or an unfamiliar program? No worries! PowderHeart’s green, blue, and black method allows you to set and achieve your own personal thresholds.

Improve your wellbeing at Jungle Studio Fitness 🧘🏽

📷 Jungle Dallas

When you step into Jungle Studio Fitness in the Bishop Arts District, you are greeted with a calm ambience decorated with boho decor, countless candles and abundant greenery. The interior sets the tone for a strenuous, yet restorative workout class.

This multi-format facility offers mat-based pilates sculpt, yoga, strength, meditation, personal training, and more! Their aesthetically pleasing facility, knowledgable instructors, and diverse class offerings make these some of our favorite group fitness classes in Dallas!

Punch it out at TITLE Boxing Club 🥊

📷 TITLE Boxing Club

Visit TITLE Boxing Club to discover the amazing results of boxing and kickboxing, minus the combat. Expect to sculpt and strengthen your body from head to toe with their 30, 45, 60 and 75-minute classes built for people of all ages and fitness levels.

Get high-intensity, stress-relieving workouts while learning proper boxing techniques at TITLE. Their incredible fitness classes in Dallas, Plano, Frisco, McKinney, Allen will have you feeling renewed and accomplished!

Get a groove on at Jambox Fitness Lounge 💃🏼

📷 Jambox Fitness Lounge

If dancing your heart out is more your speed, Jambox Fitness Lounge has plenty of amazing dance fitness classes in Dallas! The creators of Jambox wanted the studio to feel less like a workout and more like a great time.

Their classes are full-body workouts set to your favorite tunes to get you grooving. With classes like Trap Sculpt, FIT JAM, Beast Mode and more, you will be breaking a sweat and burning hundreds of calories at during any of their amazing classes.

Take your practice to new heights at Blue Feather🧘🏾‍♂️

📷 Blue Feather Aerial

Blue Feather Aerial Yoga & Fitness elevates (literally) your yoga practice with the use of aerial hammocks. Traditional yoga poses are adapted to allow you to flow with the breath and fabric, stretch out, and spend time upside down.

This practice will allow you to build strength and endurance and improve coordination throughout this fast paced aerial conditioning class. This is one of our favorite, unique fitness classes in Dallas!

Wait! There's more! 🎉

Before you go, we wanted to let you know that many of these fitness studios offer free or discounted classes for your first visit or visits. Be sure to check out their websites to see if you can find your perfect fit for less! Happy exercising!

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