Get Spooked at the Top 7 Haunted Places Around Austin

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Creepy, Thrilling, Spooky, that’s what you can expect reading our guide on some of our top haunted places around Austin that you can witness yourself.

Ever walked into a building and something felt…. just off-putting? Or maybe the temperature drops with no explanation? These are just some of the telltale signs of paranormal activity afoot. Haunted places have always been a topic of interest each fall season. Austin is no stranger to unseen mischief that lurks within its old buildings.

Driskill Hauntedplaces 1 Get Spooked At The Top 7 Haunted Places Around Austin 2022
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The Driskill Hotel

One of the most haunted places in Austin can be found in this historic downtown Austin hotel. The Driskill Hotel was constructed in 1886 and has been known as stately hospitality for celebrities and politicians over the years, though its haunts come from a series of unfortunate events. The fourth floor is believed to be occupied by a female spirit that took her life. Visitors claim to have heard her cries and observed her lurking out of the corner of their eyes. Want to experience real spooks? Room 525 is considered one of the most haunted in the building!

Txgovernorsmansion Hauntedplaces Get Spooked At The Top 7 Haunted Places Around Austin 2022

Texas Governor’s Mansion

This U.S. National Historic Landmark is known for many haunted tales. The Texas Governor’s Mansion is famous for being haunted by Governor Sam Houston. Visitors have experienced faint footsteps of potential spirits, unexplainable sounds, and lifelike apparitions of mysterious poltergeists. Relatives of the governor all with ill-fated destinies haunt this entire building. Check it out for a real scare!

Statecapitol Hauntedplaces Get Spooked At The Top 7 Haunted Places Around Austin 2022

Texas State Capitol

Many don’t know, but the Texas State Capitol is one of the most haunted places in Austin. There are many renowned ghosts that stalk the capitol, from stately spectator Robert Love to a mysterious lady in a red dress; visitors have had staggering encounters with these various ghostly apparitions. Some even experience a sharp temperature drop even in Austin’s most heated summers, a telltale sign that a spirit has just been in the room. Check out this spot on a ghostly tour of Austin’s most haunted places.

Littlefield Hauntedplaces Get Spooked At The Top 7 Haunted Places Around Austin 2022

The Littlefield House

This gorgeous Southern gothic house just has the overall look of haunted Victorian mansion! Alice Littlefield, who was locked in the attic by her husband, George Littlefield, allegedly haunts the Littlefield House. There are many spooky encounters by visitors, including ear-piercing shrieking, mysterious footsteps, and a strange echo in the mansion. You can still visit the Littlefield House, which is now under ownership by University of Texas. You can also see where Alice and George Littlefield are buried at Austin’s Oakwood Cemetery.

Innpearlst Hauntedplaces Get Spooked At The Top 7 Haunted Places Around Austin 2022

Austin’s Inn at Pearl Street

This quaint bed and breakfast is a local hideaway for Austin visitors. Though little do they know, the Inn at Pearl Street is one of the most haunted places around Austin! Before the building became a boutique hospitality destination, Stella Snider occupied it with her children. The tragedy is that two of her kids died young. Supposedly the ghost of Miss Snider can be seen carrying her ill child through the hallways or is heard squeaking sounds from an unoccupied rocking chair. Would you book a stay at this haunted bed and breakfast? 

Claypit Hauntedplaces Get Spooked At The Top 7 Haunted Places Around Austin 2022
📸 Clay Pit

The Clay Pit & The Bertram Building

This ancient Bertram building was once a brothel and popular restaurant in the 1940s and 50s. It used to house authentic gold bars, gun powder, and liquor. Eventually the Old Madrid Café became the Red Tomato Italian Restaurant, and eventually the Clay Pit took over as one of the best Indian restaurants. Ghosts of a mysterious Scarlett Lady stalks the basement of this place, where she was allegedly strangled. A ghost of the Bertram family stalks the second floor corridors making his presence known. Check out the best Indian restaurant and one of the most haunted places in Austin!

Omnihotel Hauntedplaces Get Spooked At The Top 7 Haunted Places Around Austin 2022

The Omni Hotel Downtown

You would never guess that this modern downtown hotel is haunted. The Omni Downtown Austin offers over 400 luxurious rooms though one in particular is full of spooks. A mysterious ghost named Jack is said to occupy and haunt the room. Many staff members and guests have reported strange sounds coming from his old room, even when its left unoccupied. Book your stay at Omni Downtown Austin and maybe you’ll experience his presence for yourself.

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