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As much as we love the coffee scene in Austin, we are not to forget that wonderful green powder that gives us a little pep in our step. Known for its health benefits, proper matcha is processed green tea leaves and is a brilliant light green color. We love using it in many different kinds of caffeinated drinks, so we’ve compiled Mallorie’s Menu for the Best Matcha Places in Austin!

Matcha Places In Austin

Bandit Coffee NOW Gopuff Kitchen

A popular spot nearby UT and in the downtown area of Austin is Bandit Coffee! They offer contactless coffee ordering by using their app to order. Besides coffee, Bandit has tons of matcha options. You can get a hot or iced matcha creation like mocha matcha, matcha chai, honey lavender matcha, strawberry shortcake matcha latté, and a variation of the Arnold Palmer, the matcha Palmer! Mallorie’s two favorites here are the lavender and the strawberry matcha! 

For all locations visit their website.

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Cuvée Coffee

If you ever find yourself on the eastside of Austin, you must stop by Cuvée Coffee for some of their specialty matchas! Nestled right in East Austin, you can find tons of delicious matcha creations from Cuvée Coffee. They even deliver their beans and powders for you to enjoy at home. Mallorie always gets an iced matcha with oat milk and vanilla! 

MON-FRI | 6:30AM-8PM

SAT-SUN | 7:30AM-8PM

📍 2000 E. 6th Street

Austin, TX 78702

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Spokesman Coffee

With several locations in Austin, you can find Spokesman Coffee in most major Austin neighborhoods which is why it’s one of the Best Matcha Places in Austin! Aside from their fantastic roaster in South Austin, Spokesman is home to fantastic matcha creations. Try it iced or get a hot matcha latté to enjoy this fall season! Mallorie’s favorite is an iced matcha with oat milk! 

For all locations and hours visit their website.

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Codependent Cocktails + Coffee

There are so many wonderful ways to enjoy the atmosphere at Codependent Cocktails + Coffee. This beautiful oasis nestled within the Independent Condos in downtown Austin is home to crafty caffeinated beverages. Their organic matcha latté is our go-to drink and can be made hot or iced! You can also get it dairy-free if you swing that way! This is possibly one of our new favorite places to work and Mallorie always grabs an iced matcha with oat milk and vanilla!





📍301 West Ave. Suite 110

Austin TX 78701

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Jo’s Coffee

Easily one of Austin’s favorite coffee shops, Jo’s Coffee is known to us all. They have tons of caffeine options, but if you’re looking for a great matcha latté, stop by any one of Jo’s locations and they’ll hook you up with the green goodness. If you’re ever out of town visiting you must stop by Jo’s original location in South Congress for a true Austin coffee or matcha experience. 

For all locations and hours visit their website.

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Revival Coffee

We love this pink coffee shop! Nestled in the eastside neighborhood of downtown Austin, is Revival Coffee. Owned by Gabriela’s, another Austin staple, Revival Coffee is home to delicious espresso drinks, desserts, and the best matcha! Grab one of their matcha lattés hot or iced to give yourself a little kick; and you have to take a selfie in their neon-lit bathrooms! Mallorie’s favorite drink here is the Fruity Pebbles, which is a Matcha Lavender Oatmilk drink. 



📍 1405 E. 7th Street

Austin, TX 78702

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Easy Tiger Bake Shop

Nearby Revival Coffee you may see an expansive patio space that is usually bustling with families, dogs, and friend groups. Then you must have stumbled upon Easy Tiger Bake Shop’s eastside location! Home to fantastic coffee, brews, and the best bread loaves around, this Austin staple is another one of our favorite matcha spots. Try their version of a matcha latté that has a hint of honey in it. Our favorite location is The Linc! 

For all locations and hours visit their website.

Merit Coffee

The fine quality of coffee and roasting procedures at Merit Coffee make it one of our favorite spots to indulge in caffeine. Everything from their top-tier machinery to their bean sourcing comes from the mission to serve quality ingredients. You can find Mallorie’s favorite matcha latté at Merit Coffee’s Austin locations in downtown, North Lamar Triangle, and South Lamar neighborhoods.

For all locations and hours visit their website.

Medici Roasting

One of the best coffee roasters in Austin has to be Medici Roasting. With their state of the art brewing equipment and coffee sourcing, Medici is without a doubt an Austin staple. Mallorie’s favorite is their one-of-a kind matcha latté. You can find them in various Austin neighborhoods all throughout the city. 

For all locations and hours visit their website.

Coffee + Crisp

This is one of the coziest of Austin cafés. Along with your favorite coffee drinks, this quaint café features yummy bites for breakfast and lunch. You can find Coffee + Crisp in the South Lamar neighborhood inside the Blended Culture building and North Austin at the Domain! The chill vibes inside are perfect for catching up with friends or staking out to get some work done. Mallorie’s favorite is the lavendar oat milk matcha and the avocado toast! 

For all locations and hours visit their website.

Magick Matcha

Magick Matcha is a new coffee shop that opened on Congress. They’re known for their unique drink twists, fusions, and healthy ingredients, so you can enjoy all things matcha with the combination of other popular flavors. Our favorite drink is the “Magic Matcha,” which has everything needed in a classic matcha, but with specialty ingredients such as blue majik and pink himalayan salt!

For all locations and hours visit their website.

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