5+ Must-Try Fried Chicken in Dallas

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Are you looking for the best fried chicken in Dallas?! Dallas has so many great options when it comes to fried chicken! Whether you’re looking for traditional chicken tenders, a fried chicken sandwich, or feel like spicing it up a little, we got you! We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite spots to get fried chicken in Dallas!

📷 Ricky's Hot Chicken | @rickyshotchicken

Need to satisfy your Nashville hot chicken craving? Head over to Ricky’s Hot Chicken and thank us later! Their fried chicken comes in 6 different heat levels and you get to pick between a quarter bird, tenders, wings, and nuggets. They also serve the “Bird’s Nest”, which consists of a bed of fries, topped with pickles, slaw, tenders and their comeback sauce. 

🗓 THU–MON | 11AM–2PM + 4PM–7PM
📍 Ricky’s Hot Chicken | 100 S Central Expy #18, Richardson, Texas, 75080

📷 Gus's World Famous Fried Chicken Dallas | @GusFCDallas

The Memphis based Gus’s World Famous Fried Chicken is known for it’s signature spicy coating. The fried chicken is a family recipe that has been passed along for generations. All plates are served with baked beans, slaw, and bread. We recommend trying a side of their potato salad or mac and cheese. 

🗓 SUN–THU | 11AM–9PM
🗓 FRI–SAT | 11AM–10PM
📍 Gus’s World Famous
Fried Chicken Dallas | 2904 Commerce St, Dallas, Texas, 75226

Have you been to Lucky’s Hot Chicken yet? They serve Nashville-style hot chicken. When you order, you get to choose between 5 different levels of spiciness ranging from “kinda lucky” to “best of luck”. So no worries, even if you don’t like spicy food you’re going to enjoy it. They serve chicken tender plates served with pickles, bread, and a side of your choice, as well as chicken sandwiches. 

🗓 MON–SUN | 11AM–11PM
📍 Lucky’s Hot Chicken | 4505 Gaston Ave, Dallas, Texas, 75246

📷 Dallas Chicken Lover | @dtown_chix

Brick and Bones is located in Deep Ellum. They serve some of the best fried chicken in Dallas. You can order their fried chicken in buckets, as tenders, or with waffles. No matter how you order it, it’s going to be delicious! Bonus: They serve delicious fried chicken until 2AM. Perfect for that late night snack after a night out!

📍 Brick & Bones | 2713 Elm St, Dallas, Texas, 75226

Coming in HOT AF! We recently got the opportunity to try Hot Chicks Nashville Chicken located in Plano. Their specialty is their Nashville hot chicken and bozzy slushies. The chicken comes in five different heat levels: no heat, mild, medium, hot and hot af. So even if you don’t like spicy food, you’re going to get enjoy their delicious chicken sandwiches, jumbo tenders, chicken tacos, rice bowls, loaded chicken fried, and so much more! 

We tried their chicken sandwich with a side of pickles and mac n’ cheese and the loaded fried. It was sooo delicious. Good news: They are opening another location by 75 and SMU Boulevard soon.

🗓 SUN–THU | 11AM–9PM
🗓 FRI–SAT | 11AM–10PM
📍 Hot Chicks Nashville Chicken | 1885 Dallas Parkway Suite 300, Plano, Texas, 75093

Have you been to this Instagrammable fried chicken spot in Deep Ellum yet? Chick’nCone servers fried chicken in waffles. It does not only look amazing, it’s also super delicious. Each waffle is hand-rolled and filled with crispy chicken and your choice of sauce including Cinna-Maple, Kick’nRanch, Yell BBQ, Buffalo Blue, BBQ, and Peri Peri. They also serve chicken tenders and sandwiches. 

🗓 SUN–WED | 12PM–9PM
🗓THU | 12PM–12AM
🗓 FRI–SAT | 12PM–2AM
📍 Chick’nCone | 2656 Main Suite 140, Dallas, Texas, 75226

Hattie B’s, a Nashville fried chicken favorite, has finally made it’s way to Dallas. Hattie B’s is serving delicious fried chicken sandwiches, tenders, loaded fries with mac n’ cheese and dark meat tender bites, wings, and so much more! Crank up the heat and select from six different heat levels. If you’re looking for something sweet to balance your plate make sure to try their peach cobbler, banana pudding, floats or ice cream. 

🗓 MON–THU | 11AM–10PM
🗓 FRI–SAT | 11AM–11PM
🗓 SUN | 11AM–4PM
📍 Hattie B’s | 3000 Main, Dallas, Texas, 75226

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