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Parks in Pittsburgh Perfect for Your Next Adventure!

  • January 30, 2023
  • | 1:53 PM

Whether it’s tossing a football, enjoying an evening stroll or simply yearning to be one with nature, Pittsburgh is full of luscious green space that allows residents too easily connect with the outdoors. No matter what direction you head in, you’re bound to end up in one of the city’s fabulous park areas. So grab your picnic basket, lace up your running shoes or take your dog for a walk at these amazing parks in Pittsburgh!

📷 Pittsburgh Park Conservancy

Frick Park

Frick Park is a whopping 644 acres stretching from Point Breeze North  down to the Monongahela River. Fun fact, Frick Park is one of the largest parks in Pittsburgh. It includes miles of hiking trails, tennis courts, baseball fields, and more. In the summer, children of all ages head to Mac Miller’s Blue Slide Park playground and flock to the Environmental Center to learn about nature.

Pro tip: Clayton Hill is a great spot for bird watchers, with over 100 species  recorded.

📷 Patrick Lydon

Schenley Park

Schenley Park in known for its picturesque views of Oakland, including  Phipps Conservatory and the Cathedral of Learning. It  offers 465 acres of wooded trails, playgrounds, and other attractions. It’s the go-to destination for many university students, especially Flagstaff Hill.

It also serves as the host for the annual Vintage Grand Prix and is definitely one of the more popular parks in Pittsburgh!

📷 Pittsburgh Park Conservancy

Emerald View Park

Comprised of three historic parks, Emerald View Park is 257 acres of nothing but pure beauty! Back in the mid-1700s, Mount Washington was known as “Coal Hill” and was mined so much that very little greenery survived. Through remediation and the tireless efforts of many, Emerald View Park is now home to a stunning forest habitat.

Visitors are welcomed to hike on the “winding trails,” explore wooded hillsides and search for “surprise vistas.” The park also features multiple picnic areas, playgrounds, baseball fields, and that iconic view!

📷 Pittsburgh Park Conservancy

Highland Park

Originally opened to the public in 1879 as a reservoir for public drinking water, Highland Park is a popular destination for many. On any given day, one may see runners jogging around the Reservoir Loop or walkers strolling through the Victorian-style Entry Garden. The focal piece of the garden is a fountain surrounded by a reflecting pool surrounded by benches perfect for relaxing!

Highland Park also features bike trails, a public swimming pool, sand volleyball courts and more! Plus, the grounds of the Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium are located within the park boundaries.

📷 Pittsburgh Park Conservancy

Riverview Park

Established in 1894, Riverview Park is known for wooded trails, hills and the Allegheny Observatory!  Because the park is full of dense trails, its a go-to spot for horseback riders – so keep an eye out for horses on the trails! Residents also enjoy the park’s pool, playground, fields and even outdoor concerts.

The gorgeous backdrop the Allegheny Observatory provides with the the occasional horse sighting makes for the perfect location for your next summertime stroll!

Point State Park

Located at the confluence of Pittsburgh’s three rivers, Point State Park is just as iconic to the city as the bridges are. Affectionately dubbed “Golden Triangle,” the park preserves the location of Fort Pitt and Fort Duquesne during the French and Indian War. Considered a “National Historic Landmark” the park is home to the Fort Pitt Museum and plays host to beloved annual  events such as the Three Rivers Arts Festival and Regatta. It’s also home to the block house — the last remaining building from Fort Pitt and the oldest building in Western PA.

Next time you’re at the point, stop and think about its tremendous history. You are standing where the first president of the United States once stood!

Pittsburgh Botanic Gardens

“Founded in 1988 by horticulturists who envisioned a world-class outdoor garden for the Pittsburgh area,” The Pittsburgh Botanic Garden continues to push the boundaries of garden design while inspiring visitors to value the outdoors.

In total, there are 4 separate gardens on their land, as well as, 3 woodlands and a special exhibit which changes annually. We highly recommend visiting the Asian Woodland as it features a tranquil Lotus Pond (pictured left).

📷 Pittsburgh Park Conservancy

The Gardens

The Pittsburgh Park Conservancy works year round to maintain 9 spectacular gardens all round the city. From the Mellon Park Wall Garden to the Westinghouse Memorial, each offer a small piece of serenity in an otherwise bustling city.

Although they aren’t traditional parks, they’re definitely worth the visit. We highly recommend checking out “From Slavery To Freedom Garden” (pictured left) near the Frick Park Environmental Center, as all of the flowers in this garden are those that would have been used for “food and medicinal purposes along the journey to freedom.”

What was once a city filled with black soot is now filled with beautiful green forests and parks. In fact, that are so many parks in Pittsburgh, that they should be as synonymous with the city as the Steelers are!

We want to see you out and exploring these parks so be sure to tag us in your pictures on social media! Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for all of the latest and best things going on in the Burgh!

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