Prettiest Picnic Spots In Atlanta

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One of the best things about Atlanta is our endless amount of parks and picnic spots. Whether you prefer a grassy pillow beneath your blanket or a corner perfect for people-watching, there’s a place for it.

With summer right around the corner, picnics are the best way to spend a sunny day out with friends. We’ve curated all the spots you need to know about the next time you want to soak up the rays while sharing a snack under the blue sky. 

1. Piedmont Park

Let’s start with the obvious. Piedmont Park is the ultimate picnic spot with 200+ acres of green-space and lots of choices for scenery from a lake, to a playground, all the way to the city skyline.

Piedmont Park is home to our ATL Botanical Garden which is the perfect canvas for any summer day scene. This place is where the city really feels the most alive with kids playing, people biking, and music playing. Visit the park for your next day on the blanket! 

Monday | 6:00am–11:00pm
Tuesday | 6:00am–11:00pm
Wednesday | 6:00am–11:00pm
Thursday | 6:00am–11:00pm
Friday | 6:00am–11:00pm
Saturday | 6:00am–11:00pm
Sunday | 6:00am–11:00pm
📍 Piedmont Park

2. Bobby Jones Golf Course

West Midtown’s Bobby Jones Golf Course has much more than just a bunch of courses to play. There’s a running trail that circles the course, an open field, and a connection to the Beltline with bridges to cross over and lots of art. 

While you might not think of this spot right away for a picnic setting, it couldn’t be a more perfect place to take the kids while you enjoy your seat. There is a playground and tennis courts steps away from grassy spots for you to kick back. Plus, it’s always a city bonus to find a free parking deck!

Monday | 7:30am–6:00pm
Tuesday | 7:30am–6:00pm
Wednesday | 7:30am–6:00pm
Thursday | 7:30am–6:00pm
Friday | 7:30am–6:00pm
Saturday | 7:30am–6:00pm
Sunday | 7:30am–6:00pm
📍 Bobby Jones Golf Course

3. Lake Lanier

Who ever said no to a beach picnic? Lake Lanier’s Land-shark Beach is open year-round and always has a sandy seat with your name on it. Bring your umbrella and a nice read and if it gets too hot, you’re steps away from the water.

Sometimes a picnic in the park just isn’t what you’re craving. Here’s a new selection for you. Plus, a Publix sub somehow always tastes better on the beach.

Monday | 11:30am–9:00pm
Tuesday | 11:30am–9:00pm
Wednesday | 11:30am–9:00pm
Thursday | 11:30am–9:00pm
Friday | 11:30am–9:00pm
Saturday | 11:30am–9:00pm
Sunday | 11:30am–9:00pm
📍 Lake Lanier’s Land-shark beach

4. Swift Cantrell Park

Swift Cantrell is often known for its full concrete skate park but that’s not its only feature. It also has an intense playground, splash-pad, and picnic pavilions. The pavilions have several tables and grilling spots but are also up for reservation.

Looking to have a cookout but want to get out of your backyard? This is the place to be. There’s so much to do here, making it a top tier family friendly picnic spot.

Monday | 7:00am–10:00pm
Tuesday | 7:00am–10:00pm
Wednesday | 7:00am–10:00pm
Thursday | 7:00am–10:00pm
Friday | 7:00am–10:00pm
Saturday | 7:00am–10:00pm
Sunday | 7:00am–10:00pm
📍 Swift Cantrell Park

5. Roswell Mill

Picnic with a view! The Roswell Mill Ruins and waterfall are a perfect spot for a unique picnic location. While the falls are stunning, there’s also a lot of walking trails to take advantage of.

This park is truly picture perfect and needs to be on your radar. It’s shady, scenic, and waiting for you to enjoy.

Monday | 8:00am–8:00pm
Tuesday | 8:00am–8:00pm
Wednesday | 8:00am–8:00pm
Thursday | 8:00am–8:00pm
Friday | 8:00am–8:00pm
Saturday | 8:00am–8:00pm
Sunday | 8:00am–8:00pm
📍 Roswell Mill