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Make Some Time for These 5 Amazing Restaurants in Ortega

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The Jacksonville area has so much to offer, so we’re jumping in and sharing some of our favorite restaurants in Ortega. Whether you love sweets, salty foods, or well-blended drinks, Ortega has something for you. 

📷 Bagel Love

Have you ever heard the phrase, ‘the best way to a person’s heart is through their stomach’ 

Bagel Love believes in this idea and wants you to begin your day with one of their fresh, warm bagels. But these aren’t just any bagels–they’re amazing bagel sandwiches!

And the menu isn’t just limited to these specific items. Bagel Love also sells regular sandwiches and more breakfast and lunch items like salad and baked goods. 

Monday–Friday | 6AM–2PM
Saturday–Sunday | 7AM–2PM

📍4114 Herschel St, Jacksonville, FL 32210

📷 Terry's Kitchen

Sometimes you just want some hearty food, but you’re not in the mood to make it. Terry’s Kitchen loves to give customers a great alternative to cooking at home!

Since opening many years ago, Terry’s Kitchen has continued to bring the neighborhood of Ortega mouthwatering dinners that comes straight out of the oven.

What we love about this spot is that they prepare their food frozen as well. If you need food to take to work or something to keep at home, stop by and pick up one of their frozen meals! 

Monday–Friday | 10AM–6PM
Saturday–Sunday | Closed

📍4218 St Johns Ave, Jacksonville, FL 32210

📷 Harps American Pub & Grill

Did you know Harps American Pub & Grill has been serving customers for 30 years?! During this time, they’ve become a staple in Ortega for good, filling food.

Right from the kitchen, customers can order all types of food. The menu is packed with a variety of options like vegan items, vegetarian meals, and even a smaller menu for kids.

It doesn’t stop at the food either. Harps has wine and twenty beers on tap. Be sure to check out their menu for specials, too!

Sunday–Thursday | 11AM–10PM
Friday –Saturday | 11AM–11PM

📍4070 Herschel St, Jacksonville, FL 32210

📷 Social House Coffee

It’s called the Social House for a reason and you can guess why. Social House Coffee is committed to its community. Owners Arrelious and Mariel Benn opened this restaurant with a vision to create a cozy coffee shop that is convenient for coffee drinkers.

Social House has a selection of assorted pastries as well, so make sure to see what they have in stock!

Monday–Friday | 7AM–5:30PM
Saturday | 8AM–4PM
Sunday | 9:30AM–2:30AM

📍4204 Herschel St, Jacksonville, FL 32210

📷 Southern Dessert Plate

Follow your sweet tooth and treat yourself! Southern Dessert Plate produces high-quality desserts and serves guests with courtesy and much consideration.

We like their small bites that they call “petites.” It’s so convenient being able to buy small pieces of cheesecake, cake, and cupcakes!

We really enjoy that these options give us lots of variety!

Sunday–Monday | Closed
Tuesday–Friday | 10AM–6PM
Saturday | 8AM–5PM

📍4205 St Johns Ave, Jacksonville, FL 32210

Make Some Time for These Amazing Restaurants in Ortega

Treat yourself, Ortega is a hot place to be for great food, and we want you to join in!

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Eboni Gray

Eboni Gray

Eboni is a blogger for the Stuff to Do in Jacksonville City Guide. For more insight on the best events and things to do in the Jacksonville area, download the UNATION app and follow @StufftoDoinJacksonville on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, and TikTok.

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