5+ Sports Bars in Downtown Austin to Watch Your Fave Teams

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We’re in that sweet spot between summer and fall where it seems like you can watch all sorts of different games at once. Whether you’re a football fanatic or get thrills when the bases are loaded, there are tons of sports bars in downtown Austin to enjoy whatever game or team you fancy. Catch Austin FC games, Longhorns, NFL, or whatever team you root for at the following downtown Austin bars!

Littlewoodrows Sportsbars 5+ Sports Bars In Downtown Austin To Watch Your Fave Teams 2022

Little Woodrow’s

If there ever was a Texas staple, it’s got to be Little Woodrow’s! You can find this iconic watering hole all over popular neighborhoods in Austin and all over Texas. Little Woodrow’s downtown location is situated right in West 6th, a popular destination for bar hoppers looking for a place to catch their game viewing. Catch all the games you want, but be aware you might have to wade through tons of UT fans at Little Woodrow’s downtown Austin sports bar!

Parloryard Sportsbars 5+ Sports Bars In Downtown Austin To Watch Your Fave Teams 2022

Parlor & Yard

One of the best places to enjoy your favorite games is this fusion of classic cocktails and east coast pies. Brought to you by Brooklyn Pie, Parlor & Yard is home to some of the best pizza and wings in downtown Austin. This West 6th hangout is home to great cocktail infusions and revolving old fashion varieties. A great sports bar hangout, Parlor & Yard offers fantastic game-day specials as well.

Greenlightsocial Sportsbars 5+ Sports Bars In Downtown Austin To Watch Your Fave Teams 2022

Green Light Social

Another iconic West 6th bar is Green Light Social. Reminiscent of the prohibition era, the“green door” actually codes for a speakeasy-style bar, allowing patrons the green light to enter and take solace in their welcoming atmosphere. Green Light Social is an organic bar that features a modern craft cocktail menu and beer selection. You can enjoy all of the tasty libations on their enormous patio space and root for your favorite team at this quintessntial downtown Austin sports bar.

Sports Bars In Downtown Austin

Buford's Backyard Beer Garden

One of the best places to enjoy your favorite teams offers expansive patio space and buckets of beer. We’re talking about Buford’s Backyard Beer Garden on West 6th, which is home to some of the best game day parties around! Buford’s is a great place to congregate with all of your friends and share classic pub food, beer buckets, or cocktails, and have a grand Sunday Funday. Hands down, it’s got to be one of our favorite sports bars in Downtown Austin!

Starbar Sportsbars 1 5+ Sports Bars In Downtown Austin To Watch Your Fave Teams 2022

Star Bar

Named the original West 6th street bar, Star Bar is home to dozens of local Austin brews. With over 20 years of operation, Star Bar has maintained its standard and always draws back its devoted clientele, old and new. Their back patio is a hidden gem that’s perfect for catching up with friends or watching the next big game. Get together with all your friends at this iconic downtown Austin sports bar for a jubilant good time.

Pourchoices Sportsbars 5+ Sports Bars In Downtown Austin To Watch Your Fave Teams 2022

Pour Choices

Mom always said: “make good choices” and we couldn’t agree more. This downtown Austin bar is home to local Austin brews and a classic cocktail selection. Pour Choices also has one 14” shuffleboard table and a Golden Tee video game for your enjoyment. Gather together to enjoy your next game day at Pour Choices, a premier downtown Austin sports bar.

Bbgs Sportsbars 5+ Sports Bars In Downtown Austin To Watch Your Fave Teams 2022


Get ready to get your game day face on when you step into BBG’s bar. What does BBG stand for exactly? Burgers, Beers, and GAMES, of course! This downtown Austin establishment is one of the best sports bars where you can enjoy your favorite team. Located in the heart of the West 6th street neighborhood, BBG’s is home to a diverse menu that can cater to every personality all while keeping its flavor and integrity of food quality. Enjoy classic cocktails, beer, and the entire atmosphere when you visit BBG’s!

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