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Chocolate is always a favorite indulgence and we’ve compiled a list of tasty dessert spots featuring all things chocolate in Dallas. Bring your friends and split the dessert or taste-test your way through menus featuring chocolate desserts. Chocolate makes everything better. Don’t you agree?

Chocolate In Dallas

Sablon Chocolate Lounge

Belgian hospitality is at the heart of what Sablon represents and their affinity towards chocolate is first-class. All dishes and drinks are made fresh to order, using the highest quality couverture chocolate sourced directly from Belgium, France and Italy. When you want fine chocolate in Dallas, Sablon Chocolate Lounge delivers.

Monday | 5:00pm–10:30pm
Tuesday | 5:00pm–10:30pm
Wednesday | 5:00pm–10:30pm
Thursday | 5:00pm–10:30pm
Friday | 5:00pm–11:30pm
Saturday | 1:00pm–11:30pm
Sunday | 1:00pm–9:00pm

📍 Sablon Chocolate Lounge

Chocolate In Dallas

Dude, Sweet Chocolate

When you need a treat or to treat someone special, head over to Dude, Sweet Chocolate for fine chocolate in Dallas. From beverages, barks and nuts, to fancy candies or custom boxes, they have refined the game for chocolate. Between the truffles, fudges, and soft butter toffees, it was hard to name a favorite. 

Monday | 11:00am–6:00pm
Tuesday | 11:00am–6:00pm
Wednesday | 11:00am–9:00pm
Thursday | 11:00am–9:00pm
Friday | 11:00am–9:00pm
Saturday | 11:00am–9:00pm
Sunday | 11:00am–7:00pm

📍 Dude, Sweet Chocolate

Chocolate In Dallas

JK Chocolate

Need a party favor, corporate gift, chocolate sauces, covered nuts, candies, or other rich chocolatey treats? JK Chocolate has some of the finest concoctions of chocolate in Dallas. They pride themselves on creating new and unique flavor combinations. Build your own box or place a special order and browse their long flavor section on their website. 

Monday | 9:00am–5:00pm
Tuesday |9:00am–5:00pm
Wednesday | 9:00am–5:00pm
Thursday | 9:00am–5:00pm
Friday | 9:00am–5:00pm
Saturday | Closed 
Sunday | Closed 

📍 JK Chocolate

Chocolate In Dallas

Kate Weiser Chocolate

Kate Weiser began her sweet chocolate career early on and is nationally recognized for her fine crafted chocolates. Looking for a unique date night? Sign-up for the private virtual tasting class that comes with a beautifully appointed tasting box. For gift boxes, towers, or seasonal chocolate in Dallas, check out her website and drop into the shop to sample some truffles.

Monday | 11:00am–9:00pm
Tuesday | 11:00am–9:00pm
Wednesday | 11:00am–9:00pm
Thursday | 11:00am–9:00pm
Friday |11:00am–9:00pm
Saturday |11:00am–9:00pm
Sunday | 12:00pm–6:00pm

📍 Kate Weiser Chocolate

Chocolate In Dallas

Kokopelli Sweets

This quaint local sweetery near the Dallas Aquarium is a great find for chocolate in Dallas. They have outdoor seating to make it a special outing. With many candy, brownie, cookies, and even pie options, there is a special chocolate something for everyone. We had such a hard time deciding what to try first.

Monday | 8:00am–9:45pm
Tuesday | 8:00am–9:45pm
Wednesday | 8:00am–9:45pm
Thursday | 8:00am–9:45pm
Friday | 8:00am–9:45pm
Saturday | 8:00am–9:45pm
Sunday | 8:00am–9:45pm

📍 Kokopelli Sweets

Chocolate In Dallas

CocoAndre Chocolatier & Horchateria

CocoAndre Chocolatier specializes in the art of chocolate. Are you a fan of decadent chocolate truffles? Browse their extensive truffle menu. Some favorites of ours were the strawberry champagne made of  white chocolate infused with a blend of strawberry with champagne, the dark and white vanilla is 70% dark chocolate enrobed in white chocolate and topped with hibiscus salt, and finally the raspberry lavender truffle, a dark chocolate truffle with raspberry infused ganache topped with crystalized lavender was a front-runner too. 

Monday | Closed 
Tuesday | 9:00am–6:00pm
Wednesday | 9:00am–6:00pm
Thursday | 9:00am–6:00pm
Friday | 9:00am–6:00pm
Saturday | 11:00am–7:00pm
Sunday | 12:00pm–5:00pm

📍 Coco Andre Chocolatier

Chocolates In Dallas

Chocolate Secrets

Well known chocolatier, Chocolate Secrets was established in 2003. For fine chocolate in Dallas, your world will become sweeter by making their acquaintance. Join them for lunch or dinner and their savory menu will delight. Their dessert and coffee menu have been called among the best in Dallas.

Monday | 10:00am–11:00pm
Tuesday | 10:00am–11:00pm
Wednesday |10:00am–11:00pm
Thursday | 10:00am–11:00pm
Friday | 10:00am–11:00pm
Saturday | 10:00am–11:00pm
Sunday | 12:00pm–7:00pm

📍 Chocolate Secrets

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