What to Pack for a Trip to Disney World

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Grab your bags, it’s time to head to Disney World! Worried about what to pack? Don’t worry we’ve got you covered with our list of what to pack for a trip to Disney World!

We’ll have you ready for hot and sunny Orlando days, those inevitable 3PM thunderstorms, and for when you need a recharge. Check out below  what to pack for a trip to Disney World and let us know if you think we’re missing any essentials!

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Stay Charged!

After taking selfies and snapping pics for the ‘gram all day, your phone might be low on battery. We recommend bringing a battery pack or portable phone charger to Disney. Outlets can be hit or miss while at Disney World, so you don’t want to be caught without a charge for your cellphone!

You can find these battery packs at Walmart, Target, Amazon, or any other major retailer. Another option are the FuelRod stations are available around the resort. You can purchase an initial charging pack for $30. Then, when it runs out of power, swap it out for a fully charged battery at any location. 

Stay Cool!

With Orlando being known for its hot and sunny climate, sun protection is essential! Walking around and standing in line under the sun can cause some serious tan-lines and brutal burns, so make sure you’re lathering up in sunscreen. Don’t forget to apply every couple of hours! Sunglasses are also important too. It’s hard to meet Mickey and the gang if you can’t see them!

When it comes to the heat, we suggest bringing a portable fan that you can keep in your bag and whip out when you need a breath of fresh air. Speaking of, no one will complain if you bring extra deodorant in your bag to freshen up after a long day of walking outside. It doesn’t hurt to pack an extra shirt either for those extra hot days.

Stay Hydrated!

Did you know there are no rules against bringing in your own non-alcoholic drinks and snacks into the parks? We definitely recommend bringing healthy snacks into the parks, as we know snacks at Disney can get pretty expensive!

Also, why not save the environment and bring your own reusable water bottle to the parks? Maybe add a little Disney flair to your hydration by grabbing a cute bottle covered in your favorite character or decorating your own with fun stickers. The possibilities are endless! 

Pro-tip: Ask for a cup of water next time you’re at a quick-service restaurant. Ice water is free!

Stay Dry!

We know it can rain just about every day here in Orlando, but that doesn’t mean you need to leave the parks! We suggest you pack a small umbrella, poncho, or rain coat in your bag to keep you protected from the elements. While Disney umbrellas and ponchos are available to purchase at the parks, if you want to save a little extra cash be sure to bring your own!

Also, the rain tends to lead to smaller crowds. If you’re prepared with the proper rain gear, you can experience attractions with shorter lines amidst the rainy weather.

Stay Healthy!

Walking around all day can cause some serious blisters, so you might want to pack some band-aids in your Disney bag. Band-aids can also be helpful for scrapes and cuts that can accidentally happen when enjoying the park. Of course, if you forget, head to the First Aid location at any of the four theme parks to get the items you need to feel as good as new!

We also recommend bringing hand sanitizer for preventing the spread of germs. Over the last year Disney has enhanced their safety protocols, so you can also find hand sanitizing stations all over the parks.

Stay Looking Great!

Even Rapunzel needs to fix her hair from time to time! Orlando’s wind, rain, and roller coasters can wreak havoc on your hair, so it never hurts to bring a hair brush or extra hair ties in your Disney bag. We know that the elements can mess up your makeup too, so bring a little extra if you want to touch up in the bathroom for those Insta pics.

For the little ones, the Bippidi Bobbidi Boutique at the Magic Kingdom allows them to become an elegant princess or a dashing knight for the day! That kind of magic definitely won’t fit in your backpack, so head to Disney World’s website for bookings.

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