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30 of the Best Margaritas in Austin: Sip Away Today

  • December 09, 2022
  • | 11:16 AM

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Here in Austin, we need Margaritas like we need water because regardless of the season it’s always HOT! Why not cool off with the best margs in town? Whether you like them spicy or classic. On the rocks or frozen. Salted with normal salt, chili salt, or even sugar, we have compiled a list of the Best Margaritas in Austin. Sip away today!

More Margaritas in Austin

17. Güero’s Taco Bar
18. Hula Hut
19.  Baby Acapulco
20. Santa Rita Cantina
21.  Lupe Tortilla
22.  Hoover’s Cooking
23. Curra’s Grill
24. Doc’s Backyard
25. El Arroyo
26. Lefty’s Brick Bar
27. Iron Cactus
28. Gloria’s
29. Salty Sow
30. Flores (South Austin)

Did we miss one? Let us know so we can go do a taste test!

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