Calling All Yinzers: Pittsburgh Foods that Made The City Famous

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Jeet yet? Pittsburgh is known for many things, our iconic yellow bridges, our top-knotch sports teams (well, the Pirates are work in progress) and the many well-known individuals with ties to the three rivers. But let’s not forget about the food! Pittsburgh has an eclectic mix of food around town these days, but let’s talk about some classic grub that put the city on the map!

Who ever said diamonds are a girls best friend clearly never had pierogies! These Polish pockets of goodness are a Pittsburgh food staple, first introduced to the area by Central and Eastern European immigrants. Getting your ‘rogie fix around town is easy, there are plenty of places serving mouthwatering pierogies! Heck, we even have an entire festival to celebrate them!

Deemed “the best cake America has ever made” Prantl’s Burnt Almond Torte is one of a kind! Invented by Henry Prantl himself, the burnt almond torte is a yellow cake filled with vanilla custard and topped with snow-white buttercream and sugared almonds. And lemme tell ya… it is GOOOOD. It has stood the test of time for 48 years and counting and put Pittsburgh on the national cake map!

Prantls Almond Torte Pittsburgh
Heinz History Center 1 Calling All Yinzers: Pittsburgh Foods That Made The City Famous 2022
📷 Heinz History Center

If it ain’t Heinz, it ain’t ketchup! The concept of ketchup began right here in Pittsburgh when Henry John Heinz adapted a recipe for so-called Cat Sup. Hard to believe it didn’t exist before that! Ketchup on fries, hamburgers, hot dogs, fish sticks, scrambled eggs and more. Name a better condiment…. I’ll wait. 

The best part of the amusement park is the food, am I right?? And when it comes to Kennywood, Potato Patch fries are absolutely a MUST! Enjoy some quality Idaho potatoes topped with cheddar cheese, bacon, vinegar, brown gravy or variety of seasoning salts. Might we recommend the cheese and bacon fries?

Primanti Bros. is a cultural icon of Pittsburgh. Loved by locals and a go-to for tourists, Primanti’s sandwiches are unmatched! History has it that the fries ended up on the sandwich to allow the customers that were drivers to eat with one hand and drive their truck with the other. Stop by the original location in the Strip District for a little taste of history!

The Pittsburgh Salad

One of the most unique picks, the Pittsburgh Salad! Fill up your bowl with all the typical salad fixins and greens but add a sky high pile of fries to top it off! Don’t knock it ’til you try it. It’s the perfect balance of fresh crunch and potato-ey goodness. Can you tell Pittsburghers love french fries?

Salad Calling All Yinzers: Pittsburgh Foods That Made The City Famous 2022
📷 Cafe iO

Eat'n Park

Eat'N Park
📷 Eat'n Park

Eat’n Park is iconic to Pittsburgh, it was created by Pittsburghers and first opened in Pittsburgh in 1949. There is such an extensive menu and breakfast offered all day! Also, if you haven’t had one of their iconic classic smiley cookies or pies, you are seriously missing out. The bakery items are top notch! Plus, you can take a cookie decorating kit home with you to decorate your own cookies.

Sarris Candies

We can’t pick a favorite item from Sarris Candies, butttttt if we had to some of our most loved items are: chocolate covered pretzels, melt-aways, jelly beans, chocolate covered nuts and well almost everything they offer. Sarris Candies has so many different options to enjoy! Located and based here in Pittsburgh, Sarris Candies is a perfect gift for any occasion. Also, the perfect treat for Easter, Halloween, Christmas. or really just any old Tuesday!  

Sarris Candies Pittsburgh
📷 Sarris Candies

Pamela's Diner

Pamela'S Diner Pittsburgh
📷Pamela's Diner

Nothing is better than breakfast food in our opinion, and Pamela’s has some of the BEST around! Pamela’s Diner has been servin’ up some of the most delicious breakfast classics since 1980. Give us a plate of dippy eggs, hash, and toast any day of the week!

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