Top 20 Most Insta-Worthy Murals in Austin

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Grab your camera and get ready to snap the MOST Instagrammable murals around the city! If you’re looking for things to do in Austin, a mural crawl is a perfect way to sight-see, get outside, or find that perfect backdrop for your IG profile.

Combine Austin’s art scene with a sprinkle of weird to get these murals that are guaranteed to up your photo-game. Use the hashtag #stufftodoinaustin for a chance to be featured on our Instagram! Read on to check out the best insta-worthy murals in Austin.

Greetings from Austin

Did you even go to Austin if you didn’t get a photo in front of this mural? Forget about sending a traditional postcard, just snap a shot here to send to your mom.As one of the city’s top photo ops the “Greetings from Austin” mural resides on the side of Roadside Relics, a popular neon sign gallery and novelty shop. The owner and muralist, Todd Sanders created the iconic mural as an ode to Austin. Weathering over time the mural was recently restored to its original vibrance with over $10,000 community contributions.   

📍1720 S 1st St, Austin, TX 78704

i love you so much

Time to make your relationship mural-official. You can’t miss this mural when you walk down South Congress! Situated on the north side of the original Jo’s Coffee, the “I love you so much” mural is one of Austin’s most photographed murals in town. Local musician Amy Cook painted the note on the side of Jo’s in 2010 and has since become a beacon for love and photo ops.

📍1300 S Congress Avenue Austin, TX 78704

📷 Mina Garagozlo

Before I Die...

This global art project was inspired by its origin story. Candy Chang of New Orleans painted an abandoned house with chalkboard paint and stenciled the iconic prompt: “Before I Die…” to reflect on the death of a loved one and share personal aspirations. The wall continued to be filled in by people passing by. Now, the “Before I Die…” prompt is internationally known with 5,000 walls around the world.

📍206 E Elizabeth Street
Austin, TX 78704

📷 Mina Garagozlo

Willie For President

No place but Texas. Another mural for your scavenger hunt, the “Willie for President” mural is located on the south side of STAG provisions. Easily an electable hero of ours, Willie lives on this gorgeous backdrop up red and white rays emitting from him. During SXSW, STAG joined up with artists Jacqui Oakley, Erick Montes, and Joe Swec to create this celebrated mural.

📍130 E Elizabeth Street Austin, TX 78704

Img 0846 Top 20 Most Insta-Worthy Murals In Austin 2022

Kendra Scott

Easily a top destination for quality jewelry pieces in Austin, Kendra Scott is known for their modern jewelry staples suitable for every woman. When you check out their South Congress store, be sure to snap a photo in front the “You’re the Yee to My Haw” mural decorated with florals offering a cute backdrop for you and your friends!

📍1701 S. Congress Ave Austin, TX 78704

Img 9786 Top 20 Most Insta-Worthy Murals In Austin 2022

Legendary SOCO

South Congress is home to many of Austin’s murals, so it certainly deserves one all to itself. In similar vintage postcard styling, the SOCO mural pays homage to the legendary strip of original Austin. Painted on the side of Vinny’s BBQ is a giant display of the legendary SOCO mural by Rory Skagen. Snap this one on your way to the “Greetings from Austin” mural and add to your collection.

📍1800 S Congress Ave, Austin, TX 78704

Love From Austin

Nothing but love for MY city. Seek out another homage to our capital city when you look for the “Love From Austin” mural. Along historic South Congress is a minimal mural that looks like chalk on a blackboard. The “Love From Austin” mural is situated on the side of souvenir shop Prima Dora and has become a favorite destination for snapping a photo on your visit.

📍1912 S Congress Ave, Austin, TX 78704

📷 Mina Garagozlo

Amy's Ice Cream Kindness

The colorful ice cream shop on South Congress is home Amy’s Ice Cream, an Austin favorite! This aquamarine-colored building showcases a brilliant mural collaboration by artists Phoebe Joynt and Niz in conjunction with the Kindness Campaign. See the colorful rainbow of Kindness printed by the delivery window with various words that all have one thing in common: love and kindness.

📍1301 S Congress Ave, Austin, TX 78704

📷 Mina Garagozlo

You're My Butter Half

Another iconic photo op for Austin visitors, the “You’re My Butter Half” mural in East Austin is a great spot for Instagram photo ops. John Rockwell is the original creator of the artwork and it was curated for United Way for Greater Austin. A semi-recent defacement of the mural instigated a new take on the mural that is a cheeky homage to keeping Austin weird.

📍2000 E Martin Luther King Boulevard Austin, TX 78702

📷 Mina Garagozlo

How You Doin'?

On the corner of Guadalupe and 21st streets, you can find a friendly googly-eyed frog with big bulbous lips offering a friendly greeting to passing pedestrians. Created by indie musician Daniel Johnston, the frog was originally drawn by him as an homage to Austin’s unique culture and creativity. Johnston’s 1983 cassette album “Hi, How Are You?” – The Unfinished Album features a frog-like creature that was hand drawn by him.

📍1201 E 7th St, Austin, TX 78702

📷 Mina Garagozlo

Til Death Do Us Part

Another Frederico Archuleta original, the two kissing skulls can be found in the east Austin neighborhood. “Till Death Do Us Part” is the combination of stencil art and graffiti artwork. Archuleta draws most of inspiration from Mexican-American culture and pop art influence. You can see more of Archuleta’s artwork all over Austin, it just takes little mural scavenger hunt to find them!

📍1201 E 7th St, Austin, TX 78702

📷 Mina Garagozlo

Lover Fighter

An ode to fighting for love, Frederico Archuleta’s “Lover Fighter” mural speaks depths to the creativity that pulsates through Austin. This mural decorates the side of PRINTpress in East Austin, which aims to “preserve the existing building infrastructure while promoting cultural arts.” Crayons wrapped around a heart showcases all the possibilities that creativity can unleash when you fight for what you love.

📍1209 E Cesar Chavez St, Austin, TX 78702

📷 Mina Garagozlo

Sweet You're Here

Grab a delicious treat from Kellie’s Baking Co. and stop by outside for an even sweeter photo. On the façade of Kellie’s Baking Co. is a brilliant blue painting of Texas with the phrase “Sweet You’re Here” with a heart in Austin! Take your family or visiting friends here for a cheeky insta-worthy photo!

📍5245 Burnet Rd, Austin, TX 78756

📷 Mina Garagozlo

Erin Condren

Shop from plenty of beautiful planners, stationary, and desk accessories at Erin Condren’s flagship in the Domain. This spot is the perfect space for gifts, back-to-school, and office supplies. After you’re finished with your shopping trip stop by outside for an iconic photo-op in front of a colorful print along the wall.

📍11601 Rock Rose Ave Ste 128, Austin, TX 78758

📷 Mina Garagozlo

The Flower Studio Cactus Wall

Check out this colorful mural on the outside of the Flower Studio next time you visit. Full of gorgeous bouquets, succulents, house plants, and corsages for prom, the Flower Studio is your one-stop-shop for plenty of beautiful floral arrangements. On your way out stop for a photo-op at the cacti mural on the outside!

📍5100 Burnet Rd, Austin, TX 78756


📷 Mina Garagozlo

Historic 6th Street

Take a stroll along Austin’s iconic 6th street for live music and you won’t be able to miss this iconic mural celebrating the live music capital of the world. Painted by the Sanctuary Printshop in 2012, the bright mural is a must-see if you find yourself downtown visiting or taking your visitors on a mural tour of Austin.

📍582 N Interstate 35 Frontage Rd, Austin, TX 78701

📷 Mina Garagozlo

Welcome to Austin Monopoly

We are winning just by being in Austin amirite? On the façade of Parlor & Yard, the Texan monopoly scene is a popular photo destination in the West 6th neighborhood. Alec Monopoly (the artist’s alias) painted it in part of Austin Elevates, a two-day art and music event benefitting the SAFE Alliance for St. David’s Foundation and Superhero Kids. Next time you’re out on West 6th, hit up one of the best insta-worthy murals in Austin.

📍599 Nueces Street, Austin, TX 78701

Insta-Worthy Murals In Austin

Peace, Love, Austin

Find this kitschy street art masterpiece downtown on Colorado Street. The well-known street art master Mike Johnston painted this mural as a commission project for Google Fiber. As a way to celebrate Austin and its quirks, you can find this gal doing kickflips in bustling downtown with a backdrop of Texan icon illustrations.

Insta Worthy Murals In Austin

The Contemporary Austin Jones Center

Explore the modern art world when you visit The Contemporary Austin Jones Center. Observe ornate, larger-than-life sculptures at their outdoor sculpture park or various exhibitions that are both permanent and visiting. Or view the brilliant Daniel Johnston mural that illustrates the artist’s posthumous retrospective.

Insta-Worthy Murals In Austin

Tau Ceti

This next mural is almost like an optical illusion. On the corner of 2nd and Brazos Street is the Tau Ceti mural, which is Austin’s tallest mural. A colorful spectrum of rainbow color and geometric pattern, the Tau Ceti was completed in 2018 by artist Josef Kristofoletti, a Transylvania-born artist. Check out one of the top insta-worthy murals in Austin!

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