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How to Spend a Day at the Clay County Fair!

  • December 23, 2022
  • | 18:38 PM

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It’s almost springtime in Jacksonville, and that means it’s time for the Clay County Fair! Give us all the fair food and ride tickets because we are so ready. Enjoy everything, from funnel cakes to carnival rides, games, concerts, farm animals, and so much more!

If you are counting down the days like us, then this guide is for you. We’re breaking down everything there is to experience at the Clay County Agricultural Fair 2023, so you don’t miss out–and trust us, there’s a lot of things to do.

Keep reading to plan your trip to the Clay County Fair!

Things to Do at the Clay County Fair

We’re certain that you will find something for you at The Clay County Fair! This event is one of the biggest annual events in Jax and features numerous entertainment options.

In fact, there is so much to do, that we laid it all out for you to make your trip easy!

clay county fair


The heart of The Clay County Agricultural Fair is the livestock and walking through all of the different livestock exhibits is a must when you visit! The exhibits are open all hours of the Fair days.
There is also a Kids AG-tivity area with duck races, shelled corn play box, chicken and egg display, and a barrel horse!
clay county Fair


The Early Florida Village is one of Clay County Fair’s known events, and it is for all the history junkies out there! You get to step foot in the past of life in Clay County with exhibits and demonstrations.

You will see things like a moonshine exhibit, a cane syrup demonstration, and so much more! It’s open every day until 7PM, so be sure to check it out.

You can also find The Little Red Barn in the Early Florida Village, home to all the baby farm animals!

clay county fair

Days & Hours

🎡 March 31 | 2PM–11PM
🎡 April 1 | 12PM–12AM
🎡 April 2 | 10AM–12AM
🎡 April 3 | 11AM–11PM
🎡 April 4 | 4PM–11PM
🎡 April 5 | 4PM–11PM

🎡 April 6 | 12PM–11PM
🎡 April 7 | 4PM–11PM
🎡 April 8 | 10AM–12AM
🎡 April 9 | 10AM–12AM
🎡 April 10 | 11AM–9PM

clay county fair

Parking Tips

Parking is FREE and you’ll be directed where to park upon entering! There will be 3 parking lots, North, Main, and South so be sure to be aware of where you parked.

There will also be a tram daily escorting you to the main gate if needed.

The Clay County Fair is truly a beloved annual tradition in Jacksonville. Whether you’re here for the fried dough or the rides, kids of all ages will make memories that will last a lifetime. Be sure to grab your tickets ASAP as they are selling quickly!

We want to see all of your photos at the event of the year so tag us in your photos @stufftodoinjacksonville on Instagram and Facebook.

Race you to the ticket booth!😉

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