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Rain or Shine, Here are the 9 Best Indoor Activities in Tampa Bay

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Tampa Bay may be known for its sunshine and white sandy beaches, but somedays you are looking to escape to the indoors from the rain or heat. We’ve curated a list of the best indoor activities in Tampa Bay. Rain or shine, there is lots of fun to be had!

Visit a Museum

To spend a couple of hours and wait out the rain, one of the best indoor activities is to visit a museum! Tampa has some amazing museums, whether it be for art, history, or educational exhibits for kids. 

Learn about Tampa Bay history at the Tampa Bay History Center or check out the largest collection of surrealist art by Salvador Dali at the Dali Museum. Strolling around or taking a guided tour, you can have a great weekend rain or shine at one of our many museums.  

For more information, check out our UNATION article on the best museums in Tampa Bay

Visit the Aquarium

Marveling at sea life is never boring, especially at the many aquariums in Tampa Bay! There are so many activities housed in one place, visiting the aquarium has to be on our list of best indoor activities. 

Check out the Florida Aquarium to view fish, lemurs, seahorses, and more!  We love their exhibits, especially their larger than life grouper which slowly makes his way around the water.

Or if you’re a dolphin fan, check out the Clearwater Marine Aquarium. This spot is home to the dolphin stars of the hit movie Dolphin Tale. Watch as they play in their habitat and interact with trainers!  The staff at Clearwater Marine Aquarium are super knowledgeable and give great presentations about our favorite Florida sealife.

Go to an Escape Room

The escape room trend has hit Tampa Bay by storm, with some in every area of town!  Whether you are in the Downtown Tampa area or over in Brandon, there are some amazing and creative escape room experiences for you to enjoy.

Room 5280 in Tampa is a real-life adventure game for your next game day. Solve puzzles, find hidden objects, and more while you’re here! Room 5280 in South Tampa offers 60 minute sessions to escape. The Sherlock room here is fun and challenging! Be sure to call ahead to make a reservation!

Check out more information about escape rooms here.

Go Bowling

If you’re looking for an activity that will please all ages, then you cannot forget about bowling. There are so many bowling alleys in Tampa, that you can visit a different bowling alley to fit the vibe you’re looking for. 

Maybe you are missing a retro, homegrown atmosphere? Or maybe a luxury bowling alley, complete with a full bar and restaurant?  Check out our UNATION post on the best bowling alleys in Tampa Bay to find your dream destination.

Go Indoor Skydiving at iFly

Okay thrill seekers, we know that bowling and visiting a museum just are not enough for you.  Well, we have not forgotten about you!   If you just can’t wait for the skies to clear up, try out indoor skydiving for a change.

The team at iFly is ready to help you check skydiving off your bucket list, rain or shine.  Check out their virtual reality experiences as well, where it will look like you are skydiving in different beautiful cities across the globe.

While you’re in Brandon, check out our Neighborhood Guide for our favorite restaurants and other things to do.

Sunday | 10AM–8PM
Monday – Tuesday | 11AM–9PM
Wednesday – Thursday | 11AM–7PM
Friday | 10AM–8PM
Saturday | 9AM–11PM

📍 10654 Palm River Rd, Tampa, FL 33619

If you are a Tampa Bay native, then you know that our showers often times just last a couple of minutes or so. Well if the forecast is for scattered showers, then we recommend you play at TopGolf!

You will still get to be outdoors when the showers clear up, with ample coverage from the rain.  Play their fun golf games, order some food and drinks, and enjoy! Also, we love that there is a backup plan for if the showers get too strong. 

Enjoy some pool and video games in their indoor game room or food at that indoor bar!

Sunday – Thursday | 10AM–11PM
Friday – Saturday | 10AM–12AM

📍 10690 Palm River Rd, Tampa, FL 33619

Tampa Bay doesn’t just feature your regular old buttered popcorn, sticky seat movie theater.  No way, do better the next time that you catch a movie! There are some creative options available the next time you feel like catching a movie. 

Visit Cinebistro for that luxury experience, with deluxe chairs, premium dinner food, and waitstaff. Or, visit Gigglewaters–a social club and movie screening room with amazing cocktails! 

The last on our list is the Tampa Theatre, a historical venue for indie movies and live shows in the heart of Downtown Tampa.

Go to an arcade:

The tiny arcades from your childhood have been upgraded to be the perfect place to visit for some indoor activities while it rains! Get saved from the rain from one of the many huge arcades in the Tampa Bay area. Offering food, drinks, and endless game tokens–you won’t even notice when the sun comes out, you’ll be too busy going game to game!

Check out some of our top arcade picks below:

Visit a Brewery

Lastly, you can’t go wrong with visiting one of the many neighborhood breweries in Tampa Bay. Most are pet-friendly, so bring your puppy along with your crew! Offering house-made beer, snacks, and food truck delicacies, Tampa Bay breweries are the perfect place to chill out rain or shine. 

Check out our UNATION blog posts for the best breweries in your neighborhood!

Indoor Activities to do in Tampa Bay Rain or Shine

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Jacky Saunders

Jacky Saunders

Jacky is a blogger for the Stuff to Do in Tampa Bay City Guide. For more insight on the best events and things to do in the Tampa Bay area, download the UNATION app and follow @StufftoDoinTampaBay on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, and TikTok.

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