The Absolute Best Chicken Wings in Jacksonville

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It’s Super Bowl Sunday every day when you’re gnawing on some savory wings, lovingly dipped in dressing. I’ve noticed foods that pair well with sports correlate with messiness. My hypothesis about this connection centers around the distracting nature of sports and the disgusting nature of our faces while eating. ‘Tis a better food to face a TV than each other, perhaps.

Our relationship with chicken wings is as American as deciding which of our 30 sports channels we’re tuning into (ESPN8 The OCHO for the USA Scrabble Tournament, anyone?). The choice is American, and preference is key with the wing–thighs or flats? Grilled or fried? Spicy or non? Blue cheese or ranch? It’s not the U.S.A if there aren’t so many options, your head is spinning.

IMO, we’re at the heart of America, and there’s no better place to get the best chicken wings than Jacksonville, Florida. I won’t listen to reason and get angry at logic. BEGONE BUFFALO, NY!

So, if you’re looking for the best chicken wings in Jacksonville, look no further. I’ve taste-tested around the city for the greasiest, most crunch-drenched-in-sauce wings you’ll find unattached to a chicken this side of the Florida-Georgia line. Let the games begin.  

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Top 7 Best Chicken Wings in Jacksonville

Rocky's Wings

Rocky’s Wings is new to the Oakleaf neighborhood and we cannot say enough great things about their wings. If you want a flavorful wing combo with amazing choices for sides, this is your place no matter what flavor you order! We ordered the breaded Garlic Parmesan and the Cajun Ranch and they were both so good, we can’t decide which one is better. But make sure to order the Rocky’s fries or Garlic Parmesan fries with your wings. You won’t regret it.

Fun Fact: The same owners of Rocky’s Wings also owns Slice Pizza right across the street in Oakleaf!

📍 8324 Merchants Way, Jacksonville, FL 32222

Want to see our experience at Rocky's Wings?

We tried a few of their menu items and everything was mouth-watering! Check out what we ordered and more in our video on our Youtube Channel! 

T.H.C Trap house Chicken

Trap House Chicken has not only some of the most killer chicken wings in Jacksonville, but they’ve also got style. If you’re asking yourself “Why theme a restaurant after illegal drug use?” Well, I mean, their food is addictive and I definitely overdosed–so there’s that.

I ordered the lumpia “blunts,” the Henny wings, the Sexy Red wings, Garlick Butter wings, Crack fries, and some of their fried ribs. For the sake of staying on track, I’ll speak only to the wings, but I feel the need to inform the public that those ribs were insane.

 I’ve got to say, the Henny wings were fried perfectly and absolutely, undeniably, dosed in liquor. These wings are for 21 and up ballers, no doubt. Good thing I am.

Their dry wings are also fantastic, seasoned with love and crunchy–a true soul food of fried perfection.

Also, to point out, the service is absolutely great there, they’re super friendly and with great recommendations. While they are currently only doing to-go right now, perhaps they’ll expand. I’d love to see more Trap Houses popping up in my neighborhood, and I have no problem saying that.  

📍 5907 Merrill Rd, Jacksonville, FL 32277

V Pizza

When the pizzas are this good, nobody stops and thinks about the wings. BUT THEY SHOULD.

V Pizza’s wood-roasted chicken wings are unmatched, in my opinion. They are big, juicy, and covered in so much sauce, you don’t ask for ranch. I personally love the Cryin’ Hawaiian and order them every chance I have.

Marinated with V’s Hawaiian sauce (honey, Calabrian pepper paste, roasted pineapple, brown sugar, and nutmeg) and topped with roasted Calabrian peppers, a roasted pineapple ring, and basil, these wings are the sweet and spicy perfection.

Because the wings are made in the 900°F degree Italian wood ovens, their juices are locked in with a smokey, charred flavor you can’t get anywhere else. They are messy, tender, and 100% the best appetizer to your authentic Napoletana pizza. I like them so much, I order V’s chicken wings and then I order V’s chicken wing pizza for my main course. For dessert, more chicken wings.

📍 Fernandina Beach | 2709 Sadler Rd.
📍 Fleming Island | 1605 County Rd. Ste. 145
📍 Jacksonville Beach | 528 1st St. North,
📍 Mandarin | 12601 San Jose Blvd
📍 Palm Valley | 154 Canal Blvd
📍San Marco | 1406 Hendricks Ave.

NYC Meatballs & Pizzeria

NYC Meatballs & Pizzeria is a no-frills, straight food-first establishment, and I love that about it. Sometimes you just want a light beer and some wings without all the fuss, and, let me tell you, NYC Meatballs hits the spot.

One of the most heavenly things I’ve experienced during a bout of extreme cranky hunger pains was the sweet release of the first taste of NYC Meatball’s Cajun Ranch wings. They are big wings swimming in a delicious sauce, served piled in one of those little red plastic food baskets that say, “Hello, I’ve been fried just for you.”

📍 1075 Oakleaf Plantation Pkwy, Orange Park, FL 32065

Mr. Chubby's Wings

The Mr. Chubby’s Wings I went to is located in the old “Bogey Grill” restaurant in Ponte Vedra.

I had the “Award Winning Chubby Style Wings,” which were grilled and doused in seasoning. The seasoning is definitely salty, so if your blood pressure is high, perhaps order Garlic Ranch. I personally only have had enough salt when I’ve shriveled up like a dry sponge, so I loved them.

They had nice, crispy skin and paired perfectly with a big dunk of blue cheese.

Mr. Chubby’s also doesn’t hold back on the big screens, and as a sports bar, I definitely recommend it for catching a game. There were two screens both behind me and in front of me, one for each eyeball and two for a friend sitting across from you. Grab a pitcher of beer, and you’re in heaven.

📍 150 Valley Cir, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32082

📍 11043 Crystal Springs Road Unit 12
Jacksonville, FL 32221

Wipeouts Grill

I actually found out about Wipeouts wings after giving up at the DMV in Atlantic during a license renewal. I assume many customers wander over next door for a beer and some grub after. It definitely ended up being a pick-me-up.

“Wipeout Wicked Wings” take center stage of the menu because Wipeouts knows their wings are awesome. I personally like wings so hot my lips feel freshly injected with Botox, and they don’t disappoint.

Their mango habanero blend is to die for, and you can get them all drums or flats, swimming (in sauce), or breaded. They are big wings with a lot of flavor and definitely deserve a top spot as the best wing in Jacksonville.

This locally-owned beach bum bar is a Neptune Beach staple. While off the traditional Beaches Town Center path for grub, it’s worth checking out as a great bar with great food.

📍 1585 Atlantic Blvd, Neptune Beach, FL 32266

Treylor Park

Treylor Park in Nocatee is a unique beach-themed restaurant with a good vibe and great staff. With plenty of seasonal cocktails and foods, it makes for a great regular haunt.

While the menu offers so many creative and appealing dishes, we’re here for the wings, and the wings do not disappoint.

Hold on to your horses because Treylor Park has PB&J chicken wings. Yes, you heard right, peanut butter and jelly wings.

After the initial shock has worn off, you might be wondering, “Is that actually good?” Why, excellent question, sir. The answer is, “heck yes.”

These crispy wings are tossed in a pecan/peanut butter sauce and mixed with peach jelly. It’s a perfect combination of savory, lean meat, decadent peanut butter, and sweet jelly. While it’s not the faint of heart, it’s a foodie dream come true.

I recommend pairing it with their signature cocktail, Cherry Cola, for an adult version of a childhood favorite meal.

📍 158 Marketside Avenue Unit 10, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32081

Amber Lake

Amber Lake

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